And What You Find There

By Reliquaries

Created by the company, from a script by Baku Campbell

Have you ever felt like some part of you is missing, and you want it back? Join Alice -- now grown -- as she ventures back down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, in search of something that got left behind.
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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And What You Find There 08/02 7:00 PM Ritz Theater Studio $3.00

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Cast and Crew
Zoa Dru
Zoa returned to the stage 5 years ago to immerse in the incredible creative community growing at HUGE Improv Theater - Twin Cities home for long-form improvisation. Catch Zoa there in AGENCY late Friday nights thru August. Up Next: INTERLUDES (HUGE Theater, Sept-Oct); IMPROVISED AGATHA CHRISTIE (Bryant Lake Bowl, Oct)
Lillie Horton
Lillie has worked on stages in affiliation with The Children's Theater Company, The Ordway, The Catalysts, Theatre Pro Rata, Red Eye Theater, The Public Theatre of Minnesota, and Theater in the Round. Up next: Freshman year at Yale University.
Baku Campbell
Baku grew up performing on a variety of Twin Cities stages, and she's certain it's not entirely her fault that the majority of them are no longer in operation. A visual artist, musician and lover of all things Alice, she offers up this bit of stage work with a full heart (and best wishes for the long tenure of The Ritz Studio, in spite of the fact that she's performing there.) Up next: The Laramie Cycle, Uprising Theatre Company.
Mary Ellen Buscher
Costume and Prop Consultant
Mary Ellen came to us with decades of insightful experience and knowledge in global textiles and clothing. So, of course, we had her make multiple runs to Savers and sew bunny ears into baseball hats.
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Think you know all about Alice? Think again ... travel back down the rabbit hole with her. Well, with three Alices, actually. And What You Find There tosses comedy, improv, clowning, a sophmoric understanding of psychological principles and a slightly surreal aesthetic into a blender, adds a dash of audience participation, and presses 'Puree'.  The result is a bit goofy, a bit Freudian, and hopefully more than a bit of fun. 

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