I, Eternal

By Fine, Poke The Wasp Productions

Created by The Ensemble

A deadly tradition began in a village that left people fearing for their lives. After losing another friend, two people stand against the tradition. Can they overthrow the council to save the village?
Loud noises
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Cast and Crew
Donovan Becker
Donovan will be a senior next year at Central High School, and he participates in Student Council (where he's the president), Theatre, Speech, Football, Choir, and Chamber Ensemble. He is excited to participate in Fringe Festival for the first time.
Emma Dettmann
Council Member Sequoia
Emma has been in theater since elementary school and has been in many different community and school productions. She really enjoys meeting new people and getting to be different characters that allow her to have a different personality. She will be a high school senior for this upcoming school year.
Reese Eichner
Council Member Aspen
Reese Eichner graduated this year from Central High School. This is his second production with the theatre, but he is excited to work in a new space at Augsburg College. Reese divides his time between work, music, running, and taking care of his horses.
Mitchell Lemmer
Council Member Cedar
This is Mitchell's 10th Show. The last show he was in he took on the large role of Harry Houdini in a show about his life. Mitchell enjoys; watching movies, reading comic books, and hanging out with friends when given the opportunity with his busy schedule. Mitchell is a very active member in our theatre program, and he plans to continue throughout the next year.
Evelyn Chvala
This is Evelyn's first show at Central and for Fringe Festival.
Eric Schauer
My name is Eric and I am not the worst at doing things.
Alyssa Bissener
This is Alyssa's first production, but she's spent many years working with the speech team. She plans on going to Normandale to major in Nursing.
Gwendolyn Stacy
Gwen's experience in plays started in the sixth grade and every year continuously through tenth grade. She played a variety of roles over the years with fellow cast and crew members that she has come to know as her family. Though she is continuing on to new places she plans on her career in acting to continue as well!
Jordana Schutte
Jordana is a junior at Central High school and has been in 4 plays.
Megan Feltmann
Megan came up with the concept for this show. This is Megan's first high school production, and she's very excited to grace the stage with the rest of the cast. She is going to Mankato to pursue a Nursing degree.
Jayden Fritz
This is Jayden's first production with "Fine, Poke the Wasp" productions. Jayden is going to Minnesota State University - Mankato to pursue a degree in Nursing. Jayden is a three-sport athlete at Central High School and is graduating with honors this year.
Steven Dammann
Steven Dammann is a high school graduate from Central High School who intends to pursue an education in Psychology at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He has been in several shows at the school and is very excited to participate in the Fringe Festival for the first time.
Drew Castillo
Drew has been in several productions at Central High School and will be a Junior next year. He's also an active member of the speech team.
Jacob Rademacher
Jacob Rademacher has been in theatre for 3 years. I have enjoyed theatre a lot. It has made me come out of my shell. After the senior directed play of the Monty Python I acquired the nickname Little Weird. This nickname came from me being short and weird. Theatre has since eighth grade been my therapy.
Devin Schauer
This is my 3rd show at central. My first show was this year and I was in the one act the last illusion that got second in subsections.
Abbie Weckman
Abbie has been in seven shows in her time at Central, and she's been a crew member/costume designer/makeup and hair stylist for most of these productions. She is planning on attending college at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul with a major in kinesiology with a minor in theatre arts.
Ellie Coffel
Stage Manager/Villager
I, Eternal is Ellie's 11th show at Central. A crew member, light technician, actress, and assistant stage manager, Ellie will continue on to fill the shoes of her co- stage manager, TKB.
Taylor Karstens-Breitzman
Stage Manager/Villager
Taylor Karstens-Breitzman has stage managed 16 shows for Central High School. I, Eternal is her final show at Central, and she plans to attend Normandale in the fall.
Kendall Feist
Kendall has worked with film and animation for several years and enjoyed the process of honing his skills for this production. He's worked with Central Theatre in the past onstage and with animations, and he looks forward to pursuing a career in engineering or film.
Missy Isles
Production Manager/Director
Missy has always had a passion for theatre and the arts. She participated in plays and musicals from a very early age. Now, working as a elementary music teacher, she strives to shape young people into future music and theatre lovers. She works with several young theatre groups south of the Twin Cities and has helped produce over 20 shows.
Brian Isles
Brian has directed shows for Central High School in Norwood Young America for the last 6 years, and he's loved every second of it. He also acts as an English Teacher, Assistant Speech Coach, and the Feminist Club Advisor for the school. He is thrilled to get the opportunity to bring an original script to life with students from his high school (and his lovely wife, Missy), and he can't wait to see how audiences react to the production!
More Information

For many years, a village has been plagued by a terrifying tradition.  Each villager knows that their fate is determined by a book, a council, and a single word.  While they're all given eternal life in the village, they're in constant fear of not knowing when their time is up.  When someone's word is spoken at a ceremony, their existence is painfully ended, and the rest of the village must carry on without them.  It's just tradition.

Two villagers quietly question the validity of the ceremonies and risk their lives to try to find an answer. 

How can they make it stop? 
How can they save their friends? 
What is the oriign of this deadly curse?

Underscored by an improvised acoustic guitar, I, Eternal is thought-provoking, hopeful, dark, and timeless, and it carries undertones of our own society and traditions.


I, Eternal is an original concept conceived by Megan Feltmann and written and developed by Feltmann and Brian Isles.  After creating a rough draft of the script, roles were assigned to cast members, and they were encouraged to write or edit lines so that it would better fit their voices.  This collaboration took place at Central High School in Norwood Young America, MN, and the show is comprised of current students and alumni of the high school.

For the past 19 years, our community has had a summer theatre program; however, after last year's season, the community theatre was dissolved, leaving us without a creative outlet over the summer.  We entered into the Fringe Festival with hopes of continuing the rich tradition of theatre in our small community, but we also embraced the challenge of taking our show on the road and performing for brand new audiences.

Fine, Poke the Wasp Productions is led by Brian and Missy Isles.

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