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Created by Rachel Horner

An evening length dance work exploring reconciliation to self after traumatic experiences. You'll see five dancer's journeys to reclaim their hearts and reimagine their lives after great pain.
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 2-6 and up
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Cast and Crew
Rachel Horner
Rachel Horner has her Bachelors of Arts in Dance from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She has been a company member with Eclectic Edge Ensemble for 3 years and free lance teaching in choreographing in studios and schools around the Twin Cities for the last 6 years. She loves researching and learning about healing from trauma in her own personal life and in the lives of others. This heavily influences her work at this year's festival. Although she's performed in numerous Fringe shows in the past, this is her first Fringe production and she's excited to share her creations with the Fringe audiences!
Adrienne English Scrimshaw
Adrienne studied dance at California Institute of the Arts and finished her degree in dance at the University of Minnesota. She has been dancing in the Twin Cities for over 15 years most notably as a company member of John Munger's dance company the Third Rabbit Dance Ensemble. She and her husband have two amazing, quirky kids. Both she and her husband continue to love creating and performing in all capacities.
AnnaMarie Norton
AnnaMarie grew up dancing at Celebrate Dance Academy. She has performed in their pre-professional company Mosaics for the past two years as well as performed at Project Dance New York. She most recently graduated with her license in cosmotology from Empire Beauty School. She is excited to be apart of this year's Fringe Festival.
Sheridan VIk
Sheridan grew up dancing in Indiana. She later went on to pursue YWAM; completing both a DTS program in Nashville as well as a School of Dance training in the Twin Cities. She is currently a student at Bethany Global University and most recently got married to the love of her life! She is also a free lance teacher at Creo Arts and Dance Conservatory. She is excited to be performing this summer at the Fringe!
Cecilia Wall
Cecilia received her Bachelors of Arts in Dance from St Olaf. Growing up, she studied dance at Waconia Performing Arts Center and now performs free lance work in the Twin Cities. She spent the last two years teaching at Waconia Dance Arts as well as on staff with Breitenfeldt Group. She has performed with Rachel in the past as well as Carla Bode. This is her second fringe performance and she's thrilled to dance for you!
Danielle CIna
Danielle grew up dancing at the Waconia Performing Arts Center. She later studied dance at the Alvin Ailey school in New York, Columbia in Chicago and most recently the University of Minnesota. She is currently freelance teaching and performing around the Twin Cities when she's not traveling. She's excited to perform again at this year's festival.
Alexis Fabian
Alexis Fabian grew up dancing at Celebrate Dance Academy in Arden Hills. She went on to study dance in southern Florida and later transferred to Saint Catherines University where she is currently continuing her studies. She also teaches and choreographs at Celebrate Dance Academy and free lance performs. She has performed in works by Libby Johnson, Sarah Pieper, and Rachel Horner. She is thrilled to dance for the first time in the Fringe Festival.
Karina Culloton
Karina graduated with a Bachelors of Arts and departmental distinction in dance from St. Olaf College in 2015, where she performed and choreographed. Karina works administratively for several arts organizations, teaching in the greater Twin Cities metro area, and performing in various local works including: Stephan Koplowitz, Jolene Konkel, Stuart Pimsler, and Nora Anderson. Karina is excited to perform in this year's Fringe!
Cati Varichak
Cati dances at Celebrate Dance Academy and has performed in many musicals and play at her high school. She has performed in works by Libby Johnson and Sarah Peiper. She has performed in Mosaics and in Project Dance NYC. This is her first Fringe performance and she's pumped to share this experience with her friends and family and the larger Fringe audience.
Anna Schroeder
Anna is a recent graduate of Irondale High School and has been dancing at Celebrate Dance Academy since she was 3! She loves performing and has been a part of the student performance company, Mosaics as well as performing two times in New York City for Project dance. She is excited to perform this summer in Fringe before taking off for college!
Haley Jensen
Haley graduated from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in dance. She currently performs with Eclectic Edge Ensemble. She also free lance choreographs at Apple Valley High School. She has performed with Tere O’Connor, Renee Wadleigh, Cynthia Oliver, and Jennifer Monson to name a few. Aside from pursuing her love of anything dance, she works part-time at Bierbrauer Chiropractic. She is excited to perform this summer in the Fringe Festival.
More Information

I FOUND ME explores the reconciliation to self after a traumatic experience. This evening length dance work follows five dancer's journey to inner healing in the midst of great pain.

Once we were whole. At some point in each of our lives, trauma enters in various forms whether it's a broken family, a broken relationship, physical hurt and distress, the list goes on. It can look like a myriad of sitations, but at its most basic description, trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience that breaks a person's spirit, safety, and self-connection. Leaving us separated from the very person we need most, ourselves. We develop coping strategies, habits, and relationships to guard ourselves from past pain. We think the answer is to forget what happened, however our hearts have a habit of talking to us. They let us know that there is brokenness within us. We can live our whole lives ignoring our hearts or we can choose to go back to those memories and rewrite, reimagine, and reclaim the painful places.  We have to dive deep into our own hearts and heal in some of our darkest memories  in order to walk in freedom and real change. If we hide from painful memories, they have power over us. And then brokennes is speaking louder than our hearts. Brokenness doesn't have to rule us, but we do have to actively pursue healing to connect to self again.

The choreographer's personal experience has led her to create dances that explore healing and trauma and the important connection to self that is too often lost. She is passionate about connecting to her own heart even if it means reliving painful memories in order to rewrite them. She believes that this is both a human experience and a corporate experience and works for the healing of everyone around her, including whole cultures and countries. 

For more information including video blogs, images, and writings on the performance go to: https://www.papafullydesigned.com/dance-1

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