By Vox Medusa and Infiammati FireCircus

Created by Vox Medusa with Infiammati FireCircus

MEDUSA storms the Fringe, more fiery than ever! A mythological priestess' story of devotion, wrath and her cursed fate. Outdoor performance of contemporary dance, fire performance, original music and video.
Flashing lights,Loud noises
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 7-11 and up
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MEDUSA 08/03 8:30 PM Logan Park $3.00

Pre-sale Closed

  • MEDUSA 08/04 8:30 PM Logan Park $3.00

    Pre-sale Closed

  • MEDUSA 08/05 8:30 PM Logan Park $3.00

    Pre-sale Closed

  • MEDUSA 08/10 8:30 PM Logan Park $3.00

    Pre-sale Closed

  • MEDUSA 08/11 8:30 PM Logan Park $3.00

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  • MEDUSA 08/12 8:30 PM Logan Park $3.00

    Pre-sale Closed

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Video Trailer
Cast and Crew
Kristin Freya
Artistic Director and Choreographer of Vox Medusa
Rah Diavola
Artistic Director and Choreographer of Infiammati FireCircus
Jeremy Christensen
Original Music Composer
Dylan Nau
Original Music Composer
Emily Colay
Vocal Director & Songwriter, performing as gorgon Medusa
Julie Marie Muskat
Choreographer of Vox Medusa, performing as priestess Medusa
Tony Biele
Video Artist, Set and Light Designer
John Imsdahl
Sound Operator
Nicole Collins
Vocalist, performing as Athena
Paul WonSavage
Playing the role of Perseus
Erin Belfry
Infiammati FireCircus Rehearsal Director, Costume Designer and fire performer
Karen Christ Aalgaard
Vox Medusa Dancer
Siri Dove
Vox Medusa Dancer
Tona Dove
Vox Medusa Dancer
Alyssa Hill
Infiammati fire performer
Ahriana Huyaban
Vox Medussa Dancer
Kim Keen
Infiammati fire performer
Maedya Kojis
Infiammati fire performer
Sophie Lorsung
Vox Medusa Dancer
Grace Mollenkopf
Vox Medusa Dancer
Kaia Rokke
Vox Medusa Dancer
Alyssa Stanoch
Infiammati fire performer
Serena Tritschler
Vox Medusa Dancer
Natasha West
Vox Medusa Dancer
More Information


Medusa's full story is scarcely known beyond her vilified ending as a monster and destroyer of men. Vox Medusa dance company and Infiammati FireCircus join forces to honor the compelling myth of Medusa's transformation from Athena's loving and devoted priestess to demonized gorgon. Infiammati spins fire to bring to life Medusa's emotional state and the destruction of her innocence, while Vox Medusa unfolds her tale of sorrow and redemption. This poignant story is retold by passionate artists collaborating through contemporary dance, fire performance, a video projected set, and an original electronic music score accompanied by live vocalists. This outdoor spectical is at sunset. Audiences should bring a blanket or collapsible chair to sit on. Arrive early to stake out your best viewing spot. Medusa's story begins as one of Athena's loving and devoted priestesses in the Cult of Athena. The goddess Athena bestows blessings on each of her priestesses. Medusa is gifted with governance over Athena's gardens. These gifts come in exchange for their devotion and demonstration of their ultimate focus through celibacy. The god Poseidon found Medusa alone worshipping in the temple of Athena. There, he rapes Medusa as a tidal wave. In the depths of despair Medusa is found by her priestess sisters and is shunned by them. Discovering this otiosity Athena is furious that her sacred temple, and one of her own priestesses, was violated. Athena's wrath is delivered swiftly as punished upon Medusa by transforming her into a gorgon. The transformation changes Medusa's long beautiful hair into tight vines and an endless torture of biting snakes. And to guarantee a life of isolation and further celibacy, Medusa's mere gaze can turn humans into stone. Medusa removes herself from the world, living as a hermit away from humans to protect them from herself. This lonely existence continues until her own head becomes a trophy for warriors marching toward their own glory. One of them was Perseus.MEDUSA is an incredibly cathartic story for anyone who has experienced physical and/or emotional abuse, sexual assault and become the target of society’s mind-twisting, “Blame the victim,” excuse to avoid this universal horror. Many people don't know the full origin of her story and wrote her off as a man hating/killing wretched creature. MEDUSA is a powerful tale to experience. Although this story tugs at areas society would like to forget, it also beautifully portrays the strength it takes to reclaim the, “self,” all while being presented in a way that is a visual/audible feast and acceptable viewing for all ages.


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