Now We See It

By Michael Rogers

Created by Michael Rogers

What would you tell your younger self? In this coming-of-age ghost story, Sam comes face-to-face with the past. But as Sam tries desperately to change it, something sinister is close behind...
Violence,Flashing lights,Loud noises
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Now We See It 08/02 8:30 PM Ritz Theater Mainstage $3.00

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Cast and Crew
Alex Van Loh
Since graduating college and leaving his improv days behind, there has been a stage-shaped hole in Alex’s life so he appreciates and relishes the opportunity to fill it with Minnesota Fringe for the second time. This year he is also absolutely tickled to be a part of Couple Fight: The Musical! reliving roommate rivalries with Michael. In the wild, Alex can be found running, singing, drinking beer, and (yes, still) playing Pokemon Go – occasionally all at once. Wallpaper Alex
Abby Baggenstoss
Ensemble, Rachel
This will be Abby's second year participating in a fringe production. She is so excited to collaborate with a very talented group of performers. In her free-time, Abby enjoys kayaking, baking, and traveling as well as taking care of the plethora of animals that reside at her home. Enjoy this spook-tastic show and please write things about it so we can continue to create these amazing adventures! Wallpaper Abby
Jake Cunningham
Ensemble, Eric
Jake is a recent graduate of St. John's University where he studied Theater as well as general things. He has a paper that proves all of this. This is his second fringe festival! Wowee zowee. Wallpaper Jake
Allison Winkler
Ensemble, Therapist, Mellanie
This is Allison Winkler's first Fringe show (as well as first scripted theater) and she is enjoying every second of it! Allison can usually be found rowing on the Mississippi River and doing improv in friends' backyard as well as HUGE Theater. She's excited to live out her emo dreams of dressing in all black and dancing it out on stage. Allison Wallpaper
Alex Engelsgjerd
Ensemble, Bearded Joe
Alex Engelsgjerd is a graduate from St. John's University with a major in theater. He most recently was seen in Chameleon Theater Circle's production of Little Shop of Horrors. Alex is excited to be performing in his second fringe show! Wallaper Alex E
Mackenzie Lahren
Sam (younger)
This is Mackenzie’s third year of Minnesota Fringe. She recently graduated from Metropolitan State University, where she studied theatre and public relations. She sings in a ‘90s cover band, likes dogs more than humans, and is alarmingly good at Bop It. Mackenzie would like to thank Michael Rogers for being such a patient lightsaber instructor. Mackenzie Wallpaper Full
Thalia Kostman
Shadow, Mom, Ensemble
Thalia Kostman grew up in France, and went back there to study mime and physical theatre. She has been performing in the Twin Cities for six years, with companies like Mixed Blood, Red Eye, and Mad Munchkin. She really wishes you would stop giving mimes such a hard time, and is super pumped about getting to move creepily in this show! Thalia Black
Michael Rogers
Writer, Director, Sam (older)
This is Michael's fourth Minnesota Fringe Festival. He's a troupe member of Sheep Theater (City Pages Best Theater Troupe 2018), a three time fringe producer and writer (Parachute 2015, An Imaginary End 2016, Sheep Theater's Pinnochio 2017 w/Joey Hamburger) and an improviser at HUGE Theater (where he can be found performing with his troupe My Town.) Also, go check out "Couple Fight: The Musical", where he'll relive his and Alex's only (?) fight! He thanks his fam fam and all the crew of "Now We See It" for everything! Michael Wallpaper
John Hilsen
John can be found scoring the likes of HUGE Theater improvised shows, Comedy Sportz, Sheep Theater, as well as teaching piano to talented younglings. His music is available for streaming at spotify and at John Background
Ava Bird
Production Assistant
Ava has had an exciting introduction to Fringe this season, working with the talented cast of Michael Roger’s production. Ava is an improviser, photographer, and novice documentarian with an interest in subcultures and health. You can catch her and Michael in the October and November run of My Town at HUGE Theater, or in her other super similarly named troupe Small College Town this month at HUGE Theater. Ava wallpaper
During MN Fringe jam to some spooky playlists inspired by the show/made by the cast at spotify- Sam's Mix/Sam's Mix 2008/Now We Hear It (which is a collection of the cast's favorite songs at the age of 15) by Michael Rogers
Now we see it music collage

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Now We See It is written and directed by Michael Rogers, troupe member of Sheep Theater (City Pages Best Theater Troupe 2018). Michael is a three time fringe producer and writer (Parachute 2015, An Imaginary End 2016, Sheep Theater's Pinnochio 2017 w/Joey Hamburger). Now We See It features large ensemble physical-theater, lightsaber fights, gymnasium dances, and frightening visits from a mysterious shadow monster.  It asks the question, “What would you tell yourself? What might you try to change?”while visiting memories both sweet and bitter. As Sam tries to change the past, something is hunting Sam and their younger self, desperate to stop them.


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