Saint Ex

By Spaceheater

Created by Spaceheater

A physical poem. This wild, fervent, and tender tale unravels the life and love of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, confronting the relationship between artist and muse.
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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Saint Ex 08/05 2:30 PM Rarig Center Arena $3.00

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Cast and Crew
Nathan Gebhard
Performer, Creator
Nathan Gebhard is an inter-disciplinary performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Minneapolis, he's performed with companies such as Live Action Set, TigerLion Arts, Swandive Theatre, and Savage Umbrella. In New York, he currently dances with Open Dance Ensemble and performs with The Coldharts. Nathan creates art to breathe, commune, celebrate, and mourn.
Jeesun Choi
Jeesun Choi is a transnational Korean director/physical theater artist, now based in Brooklyn. She was the finalist for the Lark’s 2018 Van Lier Fellowship. Her play 'Dahlia' received a staged reading at Dell'Arte International in April 2017. She is currently developing her new play ‘The Seekers’ as Artist in Residence at Fresh Ground Pepper’s annual Artist Retreat. Her theater collective, Creative Traffic Flow (CTF), is the 2018-19 Artist In Residence at the University Settlement, creating 'Duets of Difference’ to be performed in Speyer Hall in November 2018. CTF also have been chosen as a resident at the Governors Island, sponsored by Works on Water and Underwater New York, to create ‘River Voices,’ which was commissioned by Clean Water Council and Foundation for Roanoke Valley. Jeesun was chosen as the 2013 Works-In-Progress Artist for Red Eye Theater in Minnesota to create ‘Cecilies’, which was presented at New Works 4 Weeks Festival and the Minnesota Fringe Festival. She was selected to attend 2017 Pangea World Theatre and Art2Action's Emerging Artist for National Institute for Directing & Ensemble Creation. She has assisted research for Marlon James’ 2015 Man Booker Prize-winning novel, 'A Brief History of Seven Killings', and playwright Young Jean Lee's film and theatre projects. B.A. English, Macalester College; M.F.A. Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre, Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre.
Jon Dahl
Movement Consultant, Creator
Jon Dahl is a doer/thinker of bodies in action, currently pursuing a Masters degree in Performance Studies in Hamburg, Germany. He is a co-founder of Spaceheater, a maker of solo works, and performer. Recent credits include an experimental drag podcast, The Ten Step, at Lichthof Theater, dancing in José Vidal & Company's Rito de Primavera , and a pile of tiny school-related projects over the last year. Jon also stays grounded through work with children and youth as an educator in various forms.
More Information

Spaceheater presents the premiere of ‘Saint Ex,' a physical poem. This wild, fervant, and tender tale unravels the life and love of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, confronting the relationship between artist and muse, and revealing the contentious love behind “The Little Prince.” Featuring Nathan Gebhard, directed by Jeesun Choi, with costumes by Clara Cavins Wolford.


Co-founded in 2016 by Jon Dahl and Nathan Gebhard, Spaceheater is an (a)venue for collaboration in the levees between dance and theatre. Growing from roots in Minnesota, the budding company is currently based between New York and Hamburg, Germany. Spaceheater is a process, a venue to share, an avenue to explore, an arena to greet challenges in, and most vitally an artery to transmit questions from the heart. Creating together across the ocean definitely poses challenges, but they discover the work through the process of art as a collaborative conversation, held together by trust.


For this project, they are honored to be working with long-time friend and collaborator, Jeesun Choi.She is a transnational Korean director/playwright with an MFA from Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theater and is currently an Artist in Residence at the University Settlement. She has teamed up with Spaceheater to craft a show that not only tells a compelling story, but does so touchingly and readily through the body.


“Saint Ex embodies what it’s like to be human,” Choi says, “To love and to love something so much that it breaks. And then to love it back to life and transformation. ‘Saint Ex’ uses the lives of Consuelo and Antoine as a springboard to show how people want to be inspired and be inspirational. How we want to gift each other with the life-giving energy.” The show stems from the curiosity of Nathan, co-creator and sole performer of ‘Saint Ex.’ Intrigued, frustrated, and enlightened by The Muse’s relationship to The Artist, he found a poetic analysis in the story of Consuelo de Saint Exupéry (née Suncín), and her book, “The Tale of the Rose,” a memoir of her life with aviator, author, and husband, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Behind his best selling novella, “The Little Prince,” lies a man who yearns to love the world but is incapable of loving his wife, and a woman who gives up everything to love her husband only to find herself alone in his place.



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