Self-Titled Debut Album

By Philip Simondet

Written by Philip Simondet

An original musical about a band recording their first album. During Demo Tape (2015 Fringe) a band was formed. Now The Cautiously Optimystics have rented a recording studio... but can they work together?
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 16 and up
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Video Trailer
Cast and Crew
Philip Simondet
Philip - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Philip Simondet is a Twin Cities based improvisor, musician, podcastor, and writer (and still doesn't like himself). He produces The Local Music Scene, a monthly improv show that uses songs performed by local musicians to inspire comedic scenes. He also improvises with THE PAiNTERS, SAPS, Impromancy, and ComedySportz. He is in the band The Tire Fires and co-hosts an improv podcast, Next at Bat. He wrote this musical and its predecessor, Demo Tape.
Erin Kennedy
Alexis - drums
Erin Kennedy is a Minneapolis-based improvisor. She can be seen performing with ComedySportz, with groups at HUGE Theater, as well as her improvised lounge singer act Lounge Lizzy. She is excited to be back with The Cautiously Optimystics and to bring you all this next chapter. When not performing, she is usually singing too loud in her car or binging shows on Netflix. You can also see her in "The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist, or Ocean's Eh't? A Musical" at this year's Fringe Festival.
John Genz
John - lead guitar
John Genz is a local fiction writer and musician. He plays in Pure Shifter and publishes random work @genzgenzgenzgenz on Instagram. He doesn't always talk in 3rd person like this.
Will Roberts
Scooter - bass
Will Roberts is a Twin Cities based musician and improvisor. He plays bass with local bands Half Moon Devil, The Tire Fires, and The Adjunct Faculty, and improvises with Burn It Down and the Hall of Presidents. While he’s spent most of his youth trying to be Geddy Lee of Rush, deep inside he truly wishes he was “Weird Al” Yankovic.
Eric Heiberg
T-Bone - producer
Eric Heiberg is an improviser from Austin, Texas and now the Twin Cities. He improvises with Burn it Down and ComedySportz. He also invented a sport, Mojo Kickball, which you can play every Sunday at Kenwood park in Mpls. Memorizing lines is hard for him.
More Information

Self-Titled Debut Album is an original musical about a band, The Cautiously Optimystics, recording their first album. The newly formed band must learn to work together to create something greater than its parts.

This is the second part of The Cautiously Optimystics' saga. The first installment was Demo Tape, which was produced in 2015's MN Fringe Festival. In Demo Tape, an idealistic singer/songwriter, Philip, scoured the open mic scene (and Craigslist) to assemble a band and impress a local radio DJ. Now the band has pooled their resources to take the next step - recording their Self-Titled Debut Album.

Can you enjoy Self-Titled Debut Album if you didn't see Demo Tape?

Of course. The show is self-contained. No prior knowledge is necessary.

That being said, you can watch Demo Tape here.

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