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Wasn't This Supposed to Be a Musical?

By The Skyline Collective

Written by Jonathan Lien Horn & Gabriella Abbott

Disillusionment in a Minneapolis art gallery catapults a museum curator and a nurse into a series of misguided romances that force them to abandon ill-conceived dreams for the unexpected beauty of growing up.
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 7-11 and up
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Cast and Crew
Jonathan Lien Horn
Jonathan, Composer, Co-Lyricist, Director, Producer
Jonathan Lien Horn is an actor, singer, writer, director, composer, keyboardist, graphic designer, delivery driver, nomadic wanderer, and unemployed amateur pop philosopher. ~soli deo gloria~
Gabriella Abbott
Autumn, Bookwriter, Co-Lyricist, Associate Director, Production Manager
Gabriella hopes you will recognize that this is not an autobiographical musical, nor was it in any way inspired by lives of her friends. Excellent. Thank you. Recent roles include Shelby in Steel Magnolias (SOAR Regional Arts), Emma in Emma (Theatre in the Round), and Prunilla Motte in Lettres et Café (Bad Mime Productions, MN Fringe). Other credits include Artistry, Lyric Arts, MVCT, Bunce Backyard Productions, Cromulent Shakespeare Company, Morris Park Players, and University of Northwestern-St. Paul. “Thank you friends and family for being such extraordinary encouragers, and Jesus Christ for being my greatest joy and dearest friend.” 2 Timothy 1:7
Sharayah Bunce
I have been part of the Twin Cities theatre community since childhood, and I've been acting, directing, and stage managing professionally since 2015. My family runs a non-profit outdoor theatre company in Maple Grove called Bunce Backyard Productions which is finishing its eleventh summer. I have two cats named Kylo Ren and D'Artagnan, and they are the cutest cats in the world--FIGHT ME. I also love to read, write, talk far too loudly, and I'm a proud Gryffinpuff, Jedi Consular, and Gnome Bard. Thank you to my amazing family for supporting me. And as always... Soli Deo Gloria.
Benjamin Witt
Benjamin Witt plays the role of Tom in this brand-new musical. He is beyond excited to have the chance to collaborate with such an amazing group of artists (who are even better people) on the wonderful musical. When not storytelling you can probably find Ben reading or listening to a book, usually with his beautiful wife! Please enjoy this show in all its beautiful awkwardness and know it was made with love!
Mollie Robinette
Assistant Director, Stage Manager
“Mollie is the Stage Manager/Assistant Director for this show. She- “Wait, actually? Are you sure you’re experienced enough for that? You’ve only been in academic theatre, really.” Well, yeah.. But UNW has a fantastic program, and I’ve done a lot of work in- “Alright, I still don’t buy it. You’re obviously way too young to be here, but I guess you gotta start somewhere.” Gee, thanks. As I was saying, Mollie has a passion for the arts and thanks God, her family, and especially the artists in this show for this opportunity.
Bowen "Peter" Liu
Musical Director, Keyboards
Mr. Liu is the keyboardist and musical director of this show. He has not yet submitted a bio.
Kirsten Slyter
Kirsten is the cellist in this show and she has been excited about before it was even written and she hopes you love it as much as she does. But be warned, she will not speak to you if you say “cello!”, instead of “hello!” Please don't do that.
Joshua Shaffer
Mr. Shaffer is the guitarist for this show. He has not yet submitted a bio.
Esme Melander
Esme has been a drummer for the past 7 years, having experience in almost every genre. She is a student at University of Northwestern–St. Paul (UNW) and is from Lakeville, MN. She loves music of all genres and has played oboe, piano, and drums, currently focusing on piano and drums. She was a band geek during high school, playing for concert, jazz, and marching band. She now plays for the UNW drumline. Esme has played in many worship settings and loves doing so. Currently, she has been focusing on transcribing and writing music.
More Information

With a title borrowed from Billy Joel and a storyline extracted from personal experience, The Skyline Collective proudly presents an entirely original show,Wasn’t This Supposed to Be a Musical? Jonathan (a nurse) and Autumn (a museum curator) are two twenty-somethings in the golden beginnings of their lives. What should’ve been a grandiose musical in a Minneapolis art gallery rapidly disintegrates into a series of misguided romances and delightfully awkward encounters. Showcasing original music through the medium of a live four-piece band and four actor-singers,Wasn’t This Supposed to Be a Musical? is a love story, but not a romantic one; it's an honest analysis of the lies we tell ourselves to feel grown up; and it’s a hopeful celebration of the kind of adulthood that lets go of the wrong dreams in favor of the ones we’d really been dreaming all along.

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