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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Larry Ripp

Company: Sidecar Theatre
Show: Summers in Prague
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

I believed

I believed every second of this show. One of the best scripts I’ve seen in years. Here’s a playwright to watch! Acting? TOP drawer. This could anywhere and move any audience. Human emotions and feelings authentic and TRUE. Tour this thing!

Company: Jaded Optimist Productions
Show: Animal, Vegetable, Political
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage


Important stuff is talked about here. This is more of an experiment in dialogue than a polished storytelling show. As such I felt the 2 moderators seemed to spend a bit too much time “thinking on their feet” trying to figure out where their next thought was coming from. BUT this Whole Show was created and is presented to serve a noble cause. To get people talking about what needs to be done to save a sinking country. This might be, in its own way, the most important show in the fringe this year. Come, listen AND be heard!

Company: Jamie Brickhouse
Show: Dangerous When Wet: Booze, Sex, and My Mother
Venue: Augsburg Studio

Glass almost full

Read the other reviews and you know the goods are on stage here. However I felt some important information was missing to round out Jamie’s “life story.” There was not one insight as to WHY he felt he slipped into alcoholism. How did he survive his health crisis

Company: On the Verge Theatre
Show: Boobilicious
Venue: Augsburg Studio

A little of everything

Songs? FUN! Singing? GREAT vocal blends that are very pleasing to the ears. Witty songs and some nice dance moves. Group works well together. Comedy bits? Not so much to be honest. But 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. I THINK some people are having a little trouble with the new rating system this year because it looks like 99% of the shows are getting 4 and a half stars right on down the line. This in my opinion is not a 4 and a half star show. It’s okay and certainly worth a look see but that’s all. Got some time to kill? You’ll have some fun here. Just keep your expectations modest.

Company: Mainly Me Productions
Show: A Justice League of Their Own
Venue: Theatre in the Round

The craft of comedy

When you sit back at a Josh Carson comedy it’s easy to let the fun just wash over you as you sit in a constant state of amusement for a continuously entertaining hour. But comedy is a painstaking craft where just one wrong word or comma can spoil a bit. Thanks Josh for taking the time and making the EFFORT to bring world class fun to the Fringe year after year. This show is funny. In spots it’s REALLY funny. It’s funny in so many ways and styles!! Fun garranteed. And That’s not funny. That’s great.

Company: That's Enough Drama
Show: Attention Seeker
Venue: Southern Theater

Very VERY Different

I will understand somebody coming away from this performance art piece saying “THAT was the BEST thing I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!” Mr. Harris leaves no room in the middle ground with what he does. It is extreme. For folks who can stay with him you will be rewarded with some very sharp British wit. I on the other hand felt like it all was just Too Much . When Harris exploded onto the stage I thought “this is just to get our attention. He’ll dail it down in a minute.” But in fact it was 57 minutes of something like a raving lunatic telling actual stories that had they been slowed down by at least half , would have been great. Put it this way. If you were to come across Gerard Harris on a street corner with his hat out telling his stories as he did on the Southern stage last night, you might last 2 or 3 minutes , maybe , but then walk away thinking”the poor guy!” Being on s stage where you paid to see him doesn’t CHANGE that! I don’t mind working hard to keep up with an entertainer but his beyond Break Neck delivery is just a simple wrong choice in my opinion. Dail it back a little Mr Harris! I think your fine material deserves it!!

Company: Martin Dockery
Show: Martin Dockery: Delirium
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

One of a kind

Mr. Dickery simply is a one of a kind performer. He has to be experienced up close and personal and a “review” can never explain what makes him special. Robin Williams in his prime comes close but Martin is doing his own thing so that is misleading as well. Like others have said, this is a performer who won’t let you down. Can’t let you down it seems. True, human and in places Crazy funny. I could go again!

Company: Beardog Productions
Show: The Things They Carried
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio

The Best

The title of my review says it. This is probably one of the very best of the fringe shows this year. Jim can’t seem to phone in one second while on stage. Total commitment combined with powerful, superb material makes for the fastest, most moving performance on ANY stage this year. Something Very Special.

Company: Ghoulish Delights, LLC
Show: The Screaming Skull
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Head scratcher

Lots of spooky atmosphere but I just couldn’t get any handle on exactly what the story was about or much of anything regarding the narrative. I kept trying to piece together just who the speaker was talking about and his relationship to them. I never got it. However plenty of scary sound effects and lighting. The “fireplace” was finely done. Just could not get a handle on the story at all. Should have had a Much Clearer setup, at least for me.

Company: Monster Science Productions
Show: What To Do In Case Of Dinosaur Attack
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Says what it is

If you like your show clearly defined by the title this ones for you! Rev Matt is funny. He is a funny writer. He is a very funny reader. That’s good because he works from a script. This would in my opinion be a hilarious 20 minute presentation. But for me it was just TOO much of the same good thing for over 50 minutes. Plus why not have a podium? Matt is glued to the script anyway with no need to move. He just looked like he was getting stiff after the half hour mark. But again, funny and he never lost energy.

Company: Jamie Shriner Tells Stories
Show: Wife Material
Venue: Augsburg Studio

Great Fringe Show!

A talented performer! I was happily surprised to find she wrote her own songs because they are pretty terrific and this IS a musical. Captivating story all about HER . And listening to it all is well worth your time. She might think about working with a voice coach just a bit more to help bring out an already nice voice to full potential. Modest But spicy. Great for Fringe!!

Company: Oncoming Productions
Show: Geminae
Venue: Southern Theater

Corporate stuff

Stylish! For the movement work alone it’s worth it. However this is a simple story of corporate immortality wrapped in a fancy box. The Last Bombardment from this group last year was Far more imaginative and thought provoking.

Show: Bits & Bobs: An Evening of Short Plays
Venue: Theatre in the Round

All but one

This show is 5 short plays. Play number 4 is so not as good as the others that it calls into question the whole. How can something have such a black hole in it while everything else in the hour is fine to great?! But go see for 43 minuets of top notch fun. The British farce being the standout

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