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2018 Audience Reviews

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The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Deanna Strasse

Company: Albino Squirrel Productions
Show: Doug Sees God: A Funnie Thing Happened on the Way to Adulthood
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

A cool idea but...

The show is ripe with 90's nostalgia and the concept is interesting, but, overall, the show falls flat. It wants so desperately to be taken seriously (there's plenty of commentary on millennials vs. baby boomers and the current state of our educational system) but then simple logic sweeps in (a college would never give information to a parent on the status of their child, would a job really be so cruel as to expect a college student to work thirty hours a week and simply threaten to fire them if they asked for less...are there NO other jobs in this college town???) You're left giggling a bit at the throwbacks to your childhood, but that's about it; you are never truly invested in these characters or their cliche (dare I say cartoonish) attempts at realism?

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