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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Jakey Emmert

Company: Fearless Comedy Productions
Show: Deep in The 100 Acre Woods: A "Pooh"-dunnit?
Venue: Minnsky Theatre

Fully Committed

A blend of two high concepts (film noir vs Winnie the Pooh) that pays off due to the show fully committing to both without wavering. Special recognition should be given to the costumes, which accomplished the tricky task of anthromorphizing (?) animal characters into humans while keeping their familiar characters obvious, and the actors who are absolutely unwavering in their commitment to these familiar characters while making them their own. Because of the time constraints, the story can only do so much so the ending and so the reveal falls a little flat -- I would love if Fearless Comedy considered producing this show again in a longer, two-act format!

Company: See-Saw Theater Lab
Show: The Womyn's Mysteries
Venue: Minnsky Theatre

A Great Surprise

When I saw the program before the show, I was a little worried that I was in for something really dry and pedantic. I was so happy to be wrong! While both the program and the show admit that there's a lot to unpack here in 50 minutes, the show deftly uses humor and simple but strong visuals to explore women of the Bible and the consequences of patriarchy to a contemporary audience. Perhaps due to the time limits and the vignette-like nature of the show, not every piece of it connected as strongly as the others to this viewer, but the ones that did were riveting. Highlights include an inspired Eartha Kitt musical number, a hilarious and insightful reaction to an Old Testament story (and the realization that, yes, it's really in there), and a final monologue by a famous Biblical woman that left me breathless with its words and delivery. A thought-provoking and fearless hour.

Show: BurnOut County
Venue: Minnsky Theatre

A Hoot

Tim and Mary set up their show with their stand-up, casually delivered as if you're a guest at their house, but they bring fully realized characters to the show in the sketches. They actually have reverence for the folks of Burnout County, and while characters' dire circumstances are played up for laughs, it's surprisingly moving in some parts. Even the most erudite of city folk will recognize themselves or a relative in this show at one point.

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