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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Callie Meiners

Company: Grand Island Theatre
Show: Hamlet, but Hamlet's a Chicken
Venue: Minnsky Theatre

Shakespeare + Dada = Hamlet Chicken

An enjoyable exploration of Shakespeare and Dada. Congrats on the cast for a wonderful dive into the surreal. Also who knew therapy chickens were a thing?!

Company: Hit the Lights! Theater Co.
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

Punk Rock History Lesson with a little Moby Dick

I wasn't sure what to expect when I walked into the theater, but judging from those around me it was a very different experience than what they were anticipating from seeing Dungeon last year. It was an interesting mix of punk rock music, game show games, history lesson, puppetry use, and social justice. If you aren't interested in being used for audience participation I advise to sit further back. Overall a really enjoyable show, I'm excited to see more of their work.

Company: The Winding Sheet Outfit
Show: Blood Nocturne
Venue: Southern Theater


A well crafted, fantastic, amazing show. This is the type of shows that I yearn for at the Fringe. It was a smart, well crafted script that is a commentary on how the history of women is written by men but that isn't always what really happened. An interesting exploration using music, dance, flashbacks, breaking the fourth wall, to tell one woman's story. Also "Lady show, Ladies talking"!! YES!!!! Put this on your list. And reserve a ticket! You won't be sorry you spent an hour with this amazing group.

Company: Sidecar Theatre
Show: Summers in Prague
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Leaves you wanting more.

All around this production is really solid. Kimberly has artfully directed Avi and Samantha in a truthful romantic comedy that feels like a full production and that aren't just at a fringe show. I really wish we would have had a few more minutes to allow the exploration of intimacy and how it changes over the course of the characters relationship. But that fringe clock doesn't stop for anyone, even for just one more kiss! Bravo to everyone involved!

Company: The Bearded Company
Show: Swords & Sorcery: The Improvised Fantasy Campaign
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Not just for DnD lovers.

This show is really fun! And it isn't just for lovers of long from improve, DnD or nerd culture. There is something for everyone.

Company: Weggel-Reed Productions
Show: Couple Fight: The Musical!
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust


A great addition to the Couple Fight tradition at the MN Fringe. As in years before some of the fights are more memorable than others. Case in point I will never look for a house with a bathroom on the top and second floor. And you cannot just walk through someone's oven! Bravo to Keith Hovis for his fantastic music!

Company: Hero Props
Show: Gunfighting: An American Story
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

An important show for today's policital climate.

Thank you for doing this show! It was an amazing lecture on the history of the NRA, gun control/legislation in the US, and the usage of guns in theatrical productions. For someone who is used to being backstage, I really applaud Sean's ability to hold the audience and to keep us captivated. Sean really showed his passion of gun safety, his disgust of what the NRA has become, how gun control has affected him personally, and how he believes we should change the narrative. This show has given me hope to continue the conversation on gun regulation and has given me tools to have such discussions. Please fit this into your schedule.

Company: Mermaid Productions
Show: Have You Seen This Girl?
Venue: Hard Times Cafe

An interesting walk around the West Bank

Make you sure you reserve your tickets since space is limited on this walk. The show was an interesting look at one young woman's experience of running away from home. The show was a wonderful exploration on how Annie's experience isn't simple, how the complications of her experiences and home life make her decision to run away from home is an act of self preservation. For me, the show left me with so many questions and the desire to continue the conversation. It will make you think!

Company: Colleen Somerville Productions
Show: Not Fair, My Lady!
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Musical Review for the #Metoo movement

I loved the commentary of the many problematic ways that we treat women in musical theater as professionals and on stage. It was a wonderful mix of personal testimony and musical melodies. And THANK YOU for saying how we really don't need to ever do Carousel or Guys and Dolls EVER AGAIN! Get your tickets fast. The 5:30 on opening night was close to selling out.

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