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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Miranda Shunkwiler

Company: Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society
Show: The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society Versus the Nazis
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Seeing what isn't made to be seen

The best part of this show is seeing something that was not meant to be seen. I don't know if I would be interested in listening to this radio show, however, seeing it on stage with sound effects right in front of my eyes is something I thoroughly enjoy.

Company: Pacific Midwest Ballet
Show: Zombies And Pirouettes
Venue: Southern Theater

Nice Concept

This show has a great concept but unfortunately it fell flat in execution. Simple choreography left me wanting more. There were dancers with poor technique and other dancers that stood out. I found myself watching one or two dancers the whole time. These dancers stood out by not only there extensions and beautiful technique but also their acting. Doing a dance with a story, you have to have acting behind it, or it will fall flat. I didn't always feel the emotion behind the dancers. The simple choreography would have worked for me if I could have seen a bit more emotional connection with the story from the dancers.

Company: The Bearded Company
Show: Swords & Sorcery: The Improvised Fantasy Campaign
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Creatively Rare

I rarely am excited about remounts of shows for the MN Fringe because there is only so much time and ain't nobody got time to see a show they have already seen. HOWEVER, this being improv it is a completely different show every time. This show is a great piece every time I see it and I certainly would enjoy seeing it again and again if time permitted...and I may just make it permit!

Company: Sidecar Theatre
Show: Summers in Prague
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Fantastically Human

The acting was fantastic, the blocking left me missing nothing, and the characters are incredibly human and relatable. One downside, there were parts of the middle of the show that were introduced and then never brought back into the show...maybe because of time constraints? The performance of the show is 5 out of 5 for sure!

Company: Sheep Theater
Show: Kaboom
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Goofy, Fast, Hilarious

I saw the 10pm performance of this and I thought it was a wonderful way to end the night. I was laughing almost the entire time. It is stupid humor done very well. One downfall I would say this show had was a lot of lines were missed due to audience laughter, which I know was probably due to the time constraints of fringe. Their use of the Rarig Thrust if fantastic and really makes this show stand out. Totally worth the hour!

Company: Hero Props
Show: Gunfighting: An American Story
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Extremely interesting content

This show has more of a Ted Talk vibe. It was extremely interesting and kept my attention the whole time. Not only were there some nostalgic toys, but there was also important history and heart felt personal connections. I would say if you are interested in getting in something different in your fringe experience, this is the show for you. Sean definitely keeps the interest of the audience through the whole show.

Company: Albino Squirrel Productions
Show: Doug Sees God: A Funnie Thing Happened on the Way to Adulthood
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust


Nostalgic for sure! I definitely enjoyed watching the characters from my childhood cartoons on stage. It gave me some really great laughs and the writing is really clever. There are several transitions, however, these were executed very nicely. The furniture came on on off stage as fast as it could and the iconic tunes from Nickelodeon were awesome. The direction of the show is pretty static which worked at times but I could have used more involvement of the audience (not just in the asides but also in the scenes.) The acting left me desiring more, shout out to Jenny for giving her all into the physicality of her character! Pretty great show that I would recommend if you have the time. I am left with one question... Where is the third clue?!

Company: The Winding Sheet Outfit
Show: Blood Nocturne
Venue: Southern Theater

Must See Show

Beautifully done all around. The music is phenomenal. The acting is on point. The direction of this show stands out. This show is blocked seamlessly and the story move along without a hitch. I love the story the ensemble created together, but I do feel, at times, the writing itself was a bit too meta for my taste. Overall, I would say this show is a must see show.

Company: Minneapolis Ballet Dancers
Show: Activate
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Good Execution

What was most intriguing about this show was that it is a dance piece in the round. That is what got me in the door. Thankfully I was not unsatisfied by the choreography. It fit the space really well and the variety and execution of the choreography was this shows strength. Unfortunately, it appeared as though the company made technical changes after their tech rehearsal which resulted in some not so great technical problems which took me out of the show and made me feel bad for the technician that has so many other shows to run throughout the fringe festival.

Company: Reliquaries
Show: And What You Find There
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio

Nice Concept

I will say by the description I was expecting more physical theater and clowning. The physical theater was minimal and the clowning is ultimately nonexistent. I think it was an interesting concept that ultimately fell flat in performance. The writing is decent but is in need of some polishing. I think the through line could have been more clear. One think I did thoroughly enjoy was Zoa's physicality.

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