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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Michael Zalar

Show: Atlanta Burning Sherman's Shadows
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Accurate and engaging.

To begin, I recently read a book on Sherman's march to the sea, and the profile of the general presented there, fits very well with the profile presented in the play. The accuracy seems to be on point. Sherman himself was well acted, his demeanor was that of a general in wartime. While one can question the necessity of his actions (as was done by the aide de camp) the certainty of it from his point of view was a strength of the portrayal. The actress giving the counter point, as presented by the aide. felt weak to me. It was hard for me to accept that the character actually believed in what she was saying an not, essentially delivering soft balls for the General. A bit more iron here would have made for a much better debate. All in all though, I found it a show well worth investing my time to see.

Company: Hot Chocolate Media
Show: Remy Raygun of the Space Brigade: A Build-Your-Own Space Opera
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage

Fun.....and a theramin.

Disclaimer. I have been watching old Buster Crabbe Flash Gondon movies. This is golden age Science Fiction with an over the top mellerdrama presentation. Fun and funny to watch with just the right tempo and fiendish laughs. Excellent cast, adapting to the necessities of creating highly memorable 2 dimensional characters (and that aint easy). And the theramin for the background music and effects was pure genius.

Company: The Winding Sheet Outfit
Show: Blood Nocturne
Venue: Southern Theater

I want the cast album.

Wonderful show. Beautiful and haunting music.Dark themes, but with just the right amount of humor thrown it. I would love to see this expanded into a full length musical, with more time given to in depth dialogue rather than the necessary historical exposition necessitated by the show

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