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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Maren Aalgaard

Company: Foxlin
Show: Next: The Musical (A Sidekick Story)
Venue: Augsburg Studio


I enjoyed this musical immensely. The kids were fantastic actors. The songs were amazing, I wish I could have a soundtrack to listen to them on repeat! The story of school age kids just trying to get by in school and among friends. Always feeling second best, unnoticed, unpopular. Then the realiziation that you are not alone and that others have these feelings even if they seem to hide it. I laughed, I cried. The narrator was fantastic, and her music and lyrics were just so wonderful and fit so well in this show. I would love to be able to see this again. It was such a heartwarming production. The acting, writing and directing was wonderful. Fantastic job!

Company: Theatre Corrobora
Show: Rejection
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage


I cannot say enough good things about this play! I absolutely adored the story. It was a very relatable play, I think that the millennial generation can understand it best, especially when it comes to online dating. Though I think that it can be understood from other perspectives as well, while some people may not have experienced online dating, the fact that there is always that fear of rejection when it comes to dating a new person or even rejection when it comes to other things in life such as a job. Everyone experiences rejection in some way and this play just happens to be discussing it in terms of relationships. That fear of losing long-time friendships, the fear of losing a spouse, the fear of losing a relationship that seemed to be so good, the fear of rejection itself. That is a real fear that many of us face and I think this play and the actors portrayed that very well. The characters were relatable. The issues were relatable. The actors were fantastic! Especially since they had one actor step in last minute, I still felt the play went smoothly even with someone who maybe didn’t know the part as well as everyone. I would see this play again and again and I would love to see more from all of these actors as well as the director. Fantastic!!!!

Company: Say It Loud Productions
Show: Revolt of the Beavers
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Makes you think

I really enjoyed Revolt of the Beavers, the story was one that hit home today and it’s nice to see things that can be related to current life. While that life may not be all it’s cracked up to be, it’s great to be able to poke fun at it and look at it in the perspective of “a children’s play.” While some of the actors seemed to be searching for their lines at times, I felt that it was still well done. The actors playing the two children were phenomenal. While they definitely were not actually nine years old as the play states they are, they played the roles of young spirits well. One with their head in the clouds and the other to keep them both grounded. Though there weren’t actual children playing the parts, it makes you think about what children really do understand. They understand more than we give them credit for sometimes. I think kids today are seeing the world as it is and they may look back on it as adults and wonder what on earth was going on “back then.” Great story, great actors!

Company: Hot Chocolate Media
Show: Remy Raygun of the Space Brigade: A Build-Your-Own Space Opera
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage

Fun play for the young at heart!

I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books growing up. I loved being able to skip around in the book and go back to parts, you could read it again with a new path in mind, or just go back if you didn’t like the path you took. Remy Raygun was a fun filled choose your own adventure with audience participation. I like when the audience gets to be involved in shows, it makes it a nice interactive experience and can bring you into the world being created. This was a fun play for all ages!

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