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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Robert Rayfield

Company: Albino Squirrel Productions
Show: Doug Sees God: A Funnie Thing Happened on the Way to Adulthood
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Mixed Feelings

Looking at the above, this show has heavily mixed reviews, and I can definitely see why. Typically, when doing a crossover of characters from franchises, especially from children's TV shows, people think of it as something comedic and silly. They're doing this more as a drama than as a comedic crossover. For me, I was more of a Fox Kids and Kids WB! kid than a Nickelodeon kid. However, I'd seen enough of those shows to get the references. I'll admit that I was maybe hoping for more nostalgia and fan service, and although I got a bit of that, the focus was definitely on telling a story about becoming an adult.

Company: Impossible Salt
Show: The Member of Some Gods
Venue: Casket Arts Building


I've seen a few shows from Impossible Salt, and this one was possibly their best. The location they brought in and how they used it really helped create the atmosphere and pull the audience into the story from the first second. As a warning, it's not a sit down show. You're really taking part in it, walking through the location.

Company: Philip Simondet
Show: Self-Titled Debut Album
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

A Bit Different from your Standard Musical

I'm not sure if this was a conventional musical. When they break into song, it's while they're playing their instruments. It's just that the songs are their inner monologues. Great songs. Great music. Great acting. Humorous show.

Company: Tesseray Productions
Show: #NaNoWriMo: The Naughty Bits
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage


With writing a Fringe review, improv is a bit difficult, as it's different every night, and in improv, performers have nights when they're on and nights when they're off. I will say that the night I saw them, they did a good job.

Company: Paper Soul
Show: SOFT
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage


It's interesting how something so seemingly soft could make for something so scary. I definitely saw the protagonist as a bit of an anti-hero. Highly flawed, but overall, a decent human being, and definitely not deserving of what happens to him. The special effects took me by surprise, which is not something people typically say for a stage show, especially at a Fringe Festival. The acting was superb. The story was creative and intense.

Company: Rebecca Tanner Dance
Show: #wA.w.e.D.H.?? ... i still don't know
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio

Not Your Standard Modern Dance Show

Typically, with modern dance shows, you get a series of separate dances. With this, they were all strung together and they transitioned between the dances. There were some other things that I saw that were different from what I've been used to. Although I've seen a capella movement pieces, I'd never seen a dancer singing a song a capella while doing movement. There was also talking and audience interaction. I was lucky enough to be sitting front row center. They might get a little too up close and personal for some, but that's something else I liked. Typically, dance shows are done on a larger more isolated space. Not in a close intimate space. In addition to that, one of the dancers incorporated her face, not just as dramatic expression, but as part of the choreography.

Company: Michael Venske
Show: Home
Venue: Strike Theater

Beautifully Told

This was an extremely genuine and personal story. Michael Venske told personal stories of his life about home, and being away from home. He told these stories beautifully. This show was extremely heartwarming. Some of the stories he told felt very personal for me as well. In addition to telling these stories, he asked audience members about our personal experiences although he commented that we didn't need to say anything if we didn't feel comfortable. It was a lovely show to end the night with. He presented himself as an open and genuine person with a warm heart.

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