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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Helen Hatch

Company: Jaded Optimist Productions
Show: Animal, Vegetable, Political
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage

I really wanted to like this show...

I really wanted to like this show. With so much insanity in our political reality, I couldn't believe this show wasn't better. To be honest, the audience participation seemed fake, and the stories were long winded without really getting into the issues. Disappointing because the concept seemed like it could lend itself to interesting and poignant discussion, but didn't.

Company: Kevin Williamson + Company
Show: Still or I've Been Choreographed
Venue: Rarig Center Xperimental

Beautiful, start to finish

I loved this show. Start to finish, I was captivated by both the work itself (multilayered and deep) as well as the performer (articulate and enthralling). Truly a rare gem at the Fringe. Witness this performance. Highly recommend!

Company: Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society
Show: The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society Versus the Nazis
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Didn't quite work

Very talented vocal actors, but I found it difficult to stay engaged with the performers reading scripts on the stage. My attention seemed to go in and out of the story while I was watching the actors do the sound effects.

Company: Weggel-Reed Productions
Show: Couple Fight: The Musical!
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Funny for sure

This show made me laugh out loud many times. Although some scenes were stronger than others, overall it was great concept with witty lyrics and plenty of absurd songs. See this!

Company: OverLaugh Productions
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

2 plays, 1 stellar evening of theater

Seth Conover and Dan McLaughlin have created 2 short plays, distinctly different from one another, which add up to one insightful evening of theater. Through smart and humorous dialog, Seth and Dan, who also act in both plays, take the simplicity of 2 actors on stage and transform it into something full and real. Viewed together, these 2 plays, which take place in different time periods, tap into some universal feelings that seen to transcend time- without spelling it out for the audience. Come to laugh, but also to think.

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