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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Beth Wegener

Company: Crone Productions
Venue: Augsburg Studio

Suffrage and no suffering

Tons of costume changes and props used to good effect in this biography history play. Smooth and resonant. Vote Jeannette!

Company: Tyler West
Venue: Strike Theater

Miming -- with sound effects!

The wireless head mic captured all the sounds Tyler DID make. For example, bubbles make noise popping and doorknobs creak when turned...all of this adding another dimension to all of the visual candy. Yum!

Company: JoZanephine Originals
Show: For The Love Of ...
Venue: Southern Theater

Thanks for sharing

Multiple actors playing different parts elevated what otherwise could have been a slower or less interesting show. Nicely done.

Show: Bits & Bobs: An Evening of Short Plays
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Nice effort

Needs refining. Enthusiastic cast

Company: Deacon Gamzee Productions
Venue: Augsburg Studio


What charm. And a strong presence. Great storytelling. What fun to watch!

Company: Fearnot Dance
Show: Stark Dance: Politics Religion Sex
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

Take a seat and enjoy

Three dances, each different from each other. Visually and intellectually stimulating. Pull up a chair for this one if you catch just a few dance shows each Fringe.

Company: Martin Dockery
Show: Martin Dockery: Delirium
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust


Beautiful in its stark black and white reality, colorfully told as ever. A must-see journey.

Company: Kelly Haramis
Show: Hard-Core CORN
Venue: Strike Theater

Go see in a Jiffy

This was a well researched and written show. Character and costume changes kept things moving prrformance-wise as we learned about all of the food and beauty products that contain corn in one form or another. Not zany but definitely entertaining with imaginative delivery. Add to your schedule.

Show: BurnOut County
Venue: Minnsky Theatre

Flannels for every occasion

Well-crafted variety show with bug zapper and north woods bar jokes--topics from home told with heart.

Company: Schmidtshow Productions
Show: LAKES 4
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Cherry on top

Fun script and a talented cast that made the most of the " in the round." Had an actress do step aerobics right next to me. So fun.

Company: The Herd
Show: I Killed the Cow
Venue: Augsburg Studio


Sexual assault is a heavy topic. Impressive solo performance that was more "acting" than it was storytelling.

Company: Literally Entertainment
Show: The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist or, Ocean's 'Eh'T?: A Musical
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Tight and sweet

Super solid on all fronts-- from acting to costumes to direction, lighting and script. A tall stack of fun.

Company: HFS
Show: Wonder and Awe: A Play About Magic
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Campy Fringe

Madcap action and actors having a blast. It's hard night to get caught up in the fun. Props to "Paul", the pianist and three minister of adult education. Very fringey.

Company: Witchy Beach
Show: Writing Wrongs in a Sandcastle
Venue: Minnsky Theatre

You're talking but I'm not listening

Great premise and some fun lines. The puppet was an interesting aspect that didn't land with me but there were enough enjoyable moments of editor/ writer relationship dynamics (all relationship dynamics? Are you listening?) to make it interesting.

Company: Nefarious Laboratory
Show: The Idaho Jackson Action Playset
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio

Recollecting and reflecting

Part of the magic is how tales so personal are simultaneously universal. Brad's adeptiveness at storytelling (varying volume and pacing to great effect) is only surpassed by his gift in recalling humorous details about events from his childhood.

Company: Nightfox Stage Productions
Show: My 4 Bodies
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio

Talented telling

Kept us engaged. The minimal props supported the flow and punctuated the telling which was at times intense but always on point.

Company: Ghoulish Delights, LLC
Show: The Screaming Skull
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust


Loved the acting. The coordination of the sounds effects totally made the show. Just wish it had been 10 min shorter.

Company: Fearless Comedy Productions
Show: Deep in The 100 Acre Woods: A "Pooh"-dunnit?
Venue: Minnsky Theatre

Smooth as honey

I came to see theater--not noire nor comedy specifically --and it is with those expectations filled that this performance earned its 5 stars. Ingenuous script and outstanding acting brought to life a new story using familiar characters. The show today sold out. Time to make your reservation...

Company: Audacity Theatre Lab
Show: Robert's Eternal Goldfish
Venue: Rarig Center Xperimental

Deftly told

A personal story that makes you think about how events in our past shape how we approach situations today. Highly professionally told.

Company: minnerican productions
Show: Broken English, Mother Tongue
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Rough transitions

Rough tech and unclean transitions (probably due to first performance of the run...?) took us away from being able to fully engage in the story. Off-script / extemporaneous at the end was clearly heartfelt.

Company: Backyard to Broadway Productions
Show: Right, Wrong or Bomb! A Dating Musical
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Solid, but strained to hear

The performers were all very solid and the plot moved at a great pace. Deleting one star as the way too loud keyboard caused many of us to strain to hear the vocalists...the FABULOUS lyrics were worth hearing!!

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