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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Commarrah Bashar

Company: Hot Chocolate Media
Show: Remy Raygun of the Space Brigade: A Build-Your-Own Space Opera
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage

Fun and Better Sci-Fi

Space opera, choose your own adventure, and theater are automatic wins. But this show also casually sweeps aside some 21st century BS. It's an all female cast, though the variety of pronouns used for characters is as multitudinous as choices to make in the show. Natavia Lewis as the reader and in the captain's chair without forcing her to go through unnecessary strife is something Star Trek chose not to do. Refreshing that my captain has colorful braids left unpoliced, something still commonly denied those currently serving in the US Military. Lewis was great fun, satisfying to watch, and led me to a future I can get behind. The cast did a good job of keeping them stories straight. Rachel Austin kills as Baroness Badmouth and The Ambassadors. Very clear choices, excellent use of vocal scoring to convey character. KT Magnolia is highly entertaining as Terry and Skip. The physicality changes between the two, specifically when it came to height (Terry crouched Skip upright) weren't always clean--they bled a little into one another, started seeing Skip in Terry and Terry in Skip--but who cares? I lol'd and I really wish my audience went for diplomacy in the end. Cassie Liberkowski, who played the most characters in the show, came out off breath and sounded a little rushed. The talent was still evident, and Liberkowski also made use of vocally changing the characters and not relying on just a costume change to do the work. Everyone has those nights. Mine last year nearly blew eardrums out. The star of the show was Kyle Dekker as the Boarpion, honestly. He really knows how to make a vivisected creature come to life. Extent music is the best and Caly McMorrow on theremin with Joseph Yé on keyboard make an excellent pairing in creating the camp, Sci-Fi soundscape, with a nose boop of originality. Great for kids and slightly soothing BIPoC nerds. Good job, y'all.

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