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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Brooke Magid Hart

Company: Jamie Shriner Tells Stories
Show: Wife Material
Venue: Augsburg Studio

Really bold

Jamie is really bold, putting her personal sex life out there for everyone. My two friends and I really enjoyed it. Two of us were a bit uncomfortable when she was talking about her tempt to cheat on her new husband while he was an ocean away, because he new husband was sitting next to us in the audience! But I guess if he was okay with that, who are we to say? Jamie told us that a family emergency has her canceling the Sunday performance, which is a shame, because I'm sure others wanted to see this.

Company: The Fourth Wall
Show: Fruit Flies Like a Banana
Venue: Celtic Junction

Never disappoints!

I always go to see this show! Even though I have seen some of the pieces before, they are always a delight again and again. Great talent and great fun, and the pacing is perfect. My only beef this year is that it was not clear ahead of time that this show was not part of the real Fringe, and we had to pay extra to see it (it wasn't part of our daily pass). I don't get why that was (it was part of the Fringe schedule, all of the volunteers there were wearing Fringe shirts), and it was hidden in fine print when you clicked on "Family Fringe," which I didn't know to do. I figured "Family Fringe" just meant that it was great for kids, which I knew it was. And this is a group who had been a part of the Fringe each of the past few years. So, this really felt like bait and switch. We got there early and decided to stay even when we were told it would cost us each an extra $10, and then we watched as one after another person arrived at the box office, to be told that they had to pay extra, a surprise to all, and many decided to leave. Not sure how this was a benefit to the artists or the audience. If it's Fringe, then include it on the day passes; if it isn't, then don't put it on the program/schedule at all. I hope the organizers of the Fringe will read this and not just the artists, who have no control over this issue.

Company: One Dance Company
Show: She Says, "ENOUGH!"
Venue: Augsburg Studio


The dancers were very good and I loved the music and dialogue. Somehow the dance didn't captivate as much as the score; it seemed a bit passionless, a bunch of movements put together. But still, worth seeing. And I really liked dance not only to music, but to dialogue. My favorite piece was about the wave washing over me.

Company: Mosaic Productions
Show: Hidden in This Picture
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Maybe it's just me ...

Maybe it's just me, but I thought this script was about way more than the making of the last shot of a film. Maybe I've been paying too much attention to politics for the last couple of years, but I kept thinking about Trump and our sorry state of affairs. And then three cows enter the scene and they'll convince all of us that a) they aren't cows or b) they were meant to be there all along or c) this is a great ending to the film even when it's a disaster? Anyway, I loved this performance: the script, the acting. The 45 min. flew by as did the dialogue. 5 stars well earned!

Company: Crone Productions
Venue: Augsburg Studio

An unknown bit of history

It was a pleasure to learn about a remarkable woman in history who we never learned about in school. And so interesting that today we are still fighting so many of the fights that she fought in the turn of the LAST century! Ms. Peabody stumbled on her lines quite a few times, but saved herself well each time. This play is definitely worth seeing for those who are proud that there are women who "nevertheless persist."

Company: Papafully Designed
Venue: Southern Theater

Good idea, but ...

I thought the concept of this piece was good, but the execution of it was lacking. Too much time spent pushing and shoving. Would have preferred more dance, or less repetition with the movements. I got the point and then the point kept repeating itself.

Company: Deacon Gamzee Productions
Venue: Augsburg Studio

Five stars well deserved

Fabulous writing and acting! This show is captivating. Equity Actor is an indication that this is going to be a level of professionalism that sets it apart from the typical Fringe, and in that regard it delivered!

Company: MonTra Performance
Show: Aphrodite's Refugees
Venue: Rarig Center Xperimental

Art mixes with life

Loved this show. The actor's personal family history as told through the voices of her family members, and with the support of live painting is unique and charming. A first person history lesson of sorts. Highly recommend this show.

Company: Minneapolis Ballet Dancers
Show: Activate
Venue: Theatre in the Round


These dancers were all skilled and wonderful, and the variety of pieces was delightful. They had a few mishaps with music and other technicalities, which hurt the performance, but in each case the dancers did what they could with what they had. Fix those flaws and it will be a wonderful show.

Company: minnerican productions
Show: Broken English, Mother Tongue
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

The hour flies by

I didn't see this show the last time he performed at the Fringe, but so glad that I did now. I'm sure it was great before, but post-hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico last year, and in the midst of a cleanup that our government has pretty much left to the islanders to take care of themselves, this play is particularly poignant and relevant. Javier is a fine actor and writer, and this felt like you were in his living room learning about his family history. Highly recommend this one.

Company: Say It Loud Productions
Show: Revolt of the Beavers
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre


Highly recommend this show for its clever and timely script, and its excellent execution. Fine acting. And just goes to show that history does indeed repeat itself, and if we don't learn from history, we are condemned to repeat it.

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