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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Kirk Johnson

Company: Weggel-Reed Productions
Show: Couple Fight: The Musical!
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Couple Fight again does not disappoint!

If you like Couple Fight, you'll like this! If you've never seen a Couple Fight show, you should definitely see this. The cast consists of a lot of veterans of local comedy and theater, and as always the fights are entertaining. This year's fights were more funny than poignant, which is OK. The singing ranged from some strong singers to people who were mostly just speaking, whether as a plan or because they're not singers, I don't know. If I ask myself "would this have been just as funny without it being done as a musical?" I probably say "yes" and there were a couple of times when the singing made it hard to decipher what was being said, but overall another really good offering in the Couple Fight franchise!

Company: Rooftop Theatre Company
Show: The Complete Works of William Shatner (abridged)
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Very funny, worth seeing, cleverly done

This was for the most part thoughtful and really well done. Special props to the Priceline Negotiator character and the Jim Kirk character, who did great jobs. This explored an interesting philosophical question in a humorous manner. A few times I thought the jokes were just a little overdone/played out/went on too long, but I'd definitely see this because it hits all the high notes for me.

Company: FredPictures
Show: The Breakfast Club: The Musical!
Venue: Southern Theater

Very true to the movie.

The show is essentially an abridged version of the Breakfast Club with some really minor music behind it that is really mostly just background. Some performances were good (Bender, the Judd Nelson character) particularly, as well as the teacher/principal guy. I liked it as a nostalgia piece, but wasn't overly impressed with the creative. Decent, but not that novel.

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