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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Kevin Miller

Company: Vox Medusa and Infiammati FireCircus
Venue: Logan Park


What a production! Poor Medusa! I didn't know her whole story before, and thought her story was just tragic. I'm a heathen as far as dance is concerned, with little experience is watching dance, and not much desire to watch it, either. But I found this most enjoyable. I'm sure that I missed a lot of the nuance and the things that the dancers were expressing. It would be interesting to hear a commentary by the choreographers. But this wasn't just dance. There was original music, and singing, and magical video on the central backdrop, and fire! The program was most helpful in explaining the story, and translating the lyrics to the songs. But there were still parts that I didn't quite understand. But overall, this was a feast for the eyes and ears. Bravo!

Company: Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers
Show: Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers
Venue: Minnsky Theatre

Nicely done!

Enjoyed this flashback to the days of Will Rogers. It's amazing how timeless his material is. He died in 1935, yet his political humor is just as relevant to current events. Nicely delivered by Mr. Aanerud, who fully inhabited the character. I might have pared down the introduction a bit so as to include some more of Mr. Rogers material.

Company: HFS
Show: Wonder and Awe: A Play About Magic
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Silly and zany, yet disappointing.

High energy with a lot of fun, silly stuff. Yet it felt like it was thrown together. Was expecting some improv. Story would have been more acceptable if it was improv. But instead, the storyline was difficult to follow. Some of the actors were difficult to hear, so I missed what it was they were saying. And a few of the actors seemed to be more observers than participants. The stellar reviews and the full house led me to expect something more than this. I left disappointed.

Company: Iris Papyrus Productions
Show: Teenage Subterfuge
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

A bit too much for a one-hour show.

I enjoyed this production, but it had some shortcomings. Perhaps the biggest was the amount of ground to cover in just one hour to set the story, develop the characters, and come to a conclusion. The resolution was a bit abrupt, and probably needed another half hour to fully evolve. The story seemed authentic, albeit a bit rushed. Could have used an additional actor or two so that Steve Cox didn't need to play all the male roles. Seeing him as both the father and the boyfriend was a little disconcerting. Would love to see this further developed into a full-length play with a bit more depth.

Show: Bits & Bobs: An Evening of Short Plays
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Very enjoyable!

Five different stories covering the gamut between hysterical and tragic. The actors shone as they displayed their talents over a wide range of styles. The acting was top knotch. The plays were quite entertaining. Some funny and one quite moving. One left me scratching my head. I think that each audience member was to image their own 'secret' that was never revealed. But the final scene featuring the State Fair Butter Heads was genius - and hilarious. Came with low expectations, but left highly satisfied.

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