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The HUAC Road Show

By Say It Loud Productions

Created by Directed by Bryan Bevell, written by Kit Bix and Nora Helfand

Established in 1938 and lasting over three decades, the House of Representatives Committee on Un-American Activities initiated "the longest lasting wave of political repression in American history"(Schrecker).
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The HUAC Road Show 08/03 4:00 PM Rarig Center Thrust
The HUAC Road Show 08/04 10:00 PM Rarig Center Thrust
The HUAC Road Show 08/07 AD 8:30 PM Rarig Center Thrust
The HUAC Road Show 08/09 10:00 PM Rarig Center Thrust
The HUAC Road Show 08/11 OC 5:30 PM Rarig Center Thrust
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Popular cultural depictions of the House of Representatives Un-American Activities Committee have focused primarily on the Cold War hearings during the years 1947 to 1958.  Correcting the neglect of its racist, anti-immigrant, union-busting origins,The HUAC Road Show traces the Committee’s history from the mid-1930s, when it was set up ostensibly to investigate domestic Fascist activities, through its over-30-year history, portraying how its nativist sentiments permeated all of its subsequent activities. While HUAC targeted past and present members of the American Communist Party in particular, and leftist and labor activists generally, it served for most of its time in existence as a multi-purpose apparatus of political repression, that worked against any and all actual or perceived threats to the established order. 

Written by Kit Bix and Nora Helfand, and directed by Bryan Bevell, the play moves from drama to farce to tragedy, while bringing in a long-neglected feminist perspective.  Mixing historical dramatization with excerpts from the transcripts of the actual hearings, the play portrays figures ranging from labor leaders, educators and politicians, to prominent artists and writers, such as Lillian Hellman, Bertolt Brecht, Ayn Rand and Paul Robeson, who appeared before the Committee. TheHUAC Road Show brings together the writer/director/stage manager team that created the 2017 Minnesota Fringe hit,It Can’t Happen Here, and features many of the stellar artists who appeared in that show and/or in 2018'sRevolt of the Beavers - plus more!  Serio-farcical, at turns manic and grim, deeply relevant political theater. 



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