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2019 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Walter Furtney

Company: the semi-permanent tattoos
Show: Apartment, Darling
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio

Also Sweet

Most of the reviews say sweet and I agree. Interesting concept well defined and acted out. It made me think of my first apartment

Company: ...and company
Show: Black Birds on an Icicle
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage


I was reluctant to see this show because most of the reviewers only reviewed this show and none of the others. But as it turns out I had seen them several times ( at least some of the dancers ) both in the fringe and in workshop. I like most of the dances and was happy I went.

Company: Andrew Erskine Wheeler
Show: Booth's Ghost
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

History Lesson

The history was very interesting. Andrew Wheeler gave a vey earnest , physical and unrestrained performance but I found my mind wandering at times and I felt Mr Wheeler emoted a bit too much.

Company: Beardog Productions
Show: Turn Here--Sweet Corn
Venue: Augsburg Studio


I looked forward to this show but the, we had a farm, we lost a farm, we bought another farm was a story I was not interested in. She did seem like a strong performer.

Company: Michael Rogers
Show: Chorus
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust


The talent in this show . The audition for this show had to specify - You must be able to smoothly move with many others , act, be funny, be poignant, harmonize and sing like an angel. The entire cast met those requirements and the sweet universal story was really heartfelt. This has been an observation of mine this year and something I really never thought about before but the staging was simple and yet totally effective.

Company: Octopus Inc
Show: Overtime: Men at Work
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage


The choreography of the the dancing desks was the highlight for me in this show. Cliche after cliche became tiring instead of enlightening. However the women bashing stand up was cringy but horrible successful.

Company: Hercules Theatre Company
Show: Artificial
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Fascinating Idea

I liked Kelly Ann Danger and Brad Krueger and the concept was totally intriguing. But the staging with the desk in front of the actors made it difficult to see the show. The evil military versus dedicated creator did not work for me. It seemed more of a good Frankenstein than a inquiry into when AI becomes too intelligent .

Company: Wandering Jew Productions
Show: Operation: Immigration
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

My Father

I would see this guy in anything. Unexpected, funny, intense, engaging, riveting, personable, audience interaction, ad-libs, acting, music and stage presence in other words the whole package.added up to a great hour.

Company: The Adventures of Les Kurkendaal
Show: Adventures While Black in Great Britain
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Stand Up Comedy

Les Kurkendaal was not falling down funny but he was engaging and charming performer and a pleasant way to spend an hour.

Company: Rinky Dink Operations
Show: Mad as Nell, or How to Lose a Bly in Ten Days
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

History Lesson

Funny history lesson but the voices sometimes got lost in the action. Shanon Custer dominates her scenes. Kelsey Cramer, on the other hand, sometimes didn't.

Company: The Theatre Cosmic
Show: Stuck in an Elevator with Patrick Stewart II: The Wrath of Fandom
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Star Trek

Excellent performance by George Calger. Creepy scary performance by Travis Bedard, but not a very good play. The two scenarios stopped the momentum of each and the fans story was even weaker.than the elevator story

Company: Albino Squirrel Productions
Show: Zelda: The Hero of Fringe
Venue: Theatre in the Round


I'm not familiar with the game I did"t get the jokes but I liked the Navi character. The preteen sitting close to me appreciated the humor perhaps this show was targeted more to him.

Company: Jackdonkey Productions
Show: The Zoo Story
Venue: Rarig Center Xperimental

Unwelcomed encounter

tI don't think Edward Albee has a career theater possibilities. I couldn't relate to the characters . I didn't like the dog story. My mind wanders when one actor drones on saying nothing. However the performances were good I just didn't like the "play".

Company: Elite Entertainment
Show: Looking Glass- A Shattered Cirque Wonderland

Not your mother's circus

The hour flew by. As it happens we have been attending some circus act recently. Some of the acts were top draw some less so but overall with the enthusiastic audience, a fun hour.

Company: Breaker/Fixer Productions
Show: A Confederate Widow In Hell
Venue: Southern Theater

Tour De Performance

A little long and wordy but great staging and out of this world performances make this show one to see and to definitely reflect on.

Company: Sheep Theater
Show: A Cult Classic
Venue: Southern Theater


I like it a lot better reflecting on it the following day. My in theater experience was not as pleasurable. I felt it was a little bit over the top with way too much shouting and some very sketchy plot twists. Nevertheless all is forgiven in the morning.

Company: Snikt! Bamf! Thwip!
Show: The Lunch Bunch
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Where Are They Now

Matt Allex was terrific. He controlled the stage even when he was a minor character. For me I was only able to achieve suspension of disbelief with the Claire and Bender characters, their scenes rang true. The other characters and scenes seemed contrived and not believable.

Company: M-SHE Productions
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Dance School Recital

It looked like an end of the year dance recital. All of the school's dancers were featured some more advanced some less advanced. I would have preferred to see more of the Juliet character and less of the chorus. I thought the choreography would have worked better in a larger space. Be warned I came with my own noise cancelling headphones to try and preserve what little hearing I have left. They do give out earplugs but more protection might be needed

Company: New Endeavors
Show: The Buttslasher: And Then There Were Buns
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust


Better than I expected. I laughed at the corny puns. The mime was delightful. And I still don't think Stillwater is completely safe

Company: Sneaky
Venue: Southern Theater


Simple two hander that probably would have been better in a smaller setting. Nevertheless a pleasant way to spend an hour . I'm always available when the corporate world is taken down a peg.

Company: Quick Question Productions
Show: The Big Release - an original office and marriage comedy
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre


It did have a surprise ending which almost redeemed a show that I almost walked out of.

Company: Ian McCarthy, Michael McKitt, Domino D'Lorion
Venue: Rarig Center Xperimental

Sitting on a Stoop

Well done but I had a difficult time understanding the language in the beginning but once I was able to tune in, I enjoyed the last few stories,

Company: Devious Mechanics
Show: Edith Gets High
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Dumpster Fire

I like Keith Hovis's music but I think I'm suffering from game fatigue. And are there any good male characters left?

Company: Rough Magic Performance Company
Show: Measure4Measure
Venue: Southern Theater


Oh that Shakespeare is such a card. Nothing ever changes so the play is as modern as today. Nevertheless it takes me 15 minutes before I understand that language and another 15 minutes to understand the substitute identities. In other words the play is too complicated for my simple mind

Company: shelby company
Show: All is Bright
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Talking in a Bar

If there was more there I didn't perceive it. Two conversations with her at a bar.

Company: Samantha Mae Productions
Show: Dungeons and Cabins: What would you like to do next?
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Lets play a game

I like to support new talent and although character development was minimal I left feeling great about the play, I loved the two different depictions of the scenes,, the ad-libbing when things went a little awry and Aaron Vanek's energy.

Company: Octopode Theater Co
Show: That Sinking Feeling
Venue: Rarig Center Xperimental

Sea Shanty

I'm not sure which actor ran the catwalk changing characters but that was priceless . Stories of shipwrecks, sea shanties and a new young company bode well for the future. We sat by the writer's father and that was a good experience too.

Company: Mermaid Productions
Show: Xena and Gabrielle Smash the Patriarchy
Venue: Theatre in the Round


A smidgeon of male bashing and preaching nevertheless a funny and amusing time. Heather Meyer was great.

Company: Fifth Wheel Productions
Show: Ancient Future Division: Battle for the Existence Yeti
Venue: Southern Theater

Let Go of the Past

Nice attempt but it didn't move me, however the spider, the penguin, the judge and the yeti were interesting concepts.

Company: Fearless Comedy Productions
Show: Wilhelmina and Theodore’s Exquisite Victorian Adventure
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Two Puns

The two puns were the only thing that made me smile during the entire performance.

Company: Somerville Productions
Show: SIZE
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Humorous and Poignant

A lot of laughter mixed in with a lot of hurt. I especially enjoyed Lauren Anderson, Linda Sue Anderson ( the Anderson Twins ) and Anthony Sisler -Neuman.

Company: Tom Reed
Show: Game of Toms: One-Man Game of Thrones
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Tom Reed

My fault, I never watched Game of Thrones so I appreciated the artistry but the humor eluded me.

Company: Silver Slipper Productions
Show: Queer Circus
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Great energy

This is the kind of show I would only see at the Fringe. It is readily available in Key West and never appealed to me but as a guilty pleasure I enjoyed the energy, talent, audience and ambience.

Company: Paradox Productions
Show: Chocolate Covered Chicken Wings
Venue: Augsburg Studio

Birthday girl

Although i liked the performances I didn't buy the story.of pre teenage angst turning to tragedy. j

Company: LC creations
Show: Botanical Dancing
Venue: Southern Theater

Painting The Town

Interesting movements, with music that was listenable and dancers that actually smiled during the performance. capped by the paint dance. made a engaging hour. I enjoyed the energy, enthusiasm, joy and the uniqueness of each dance. You should put the painted shirts up for auction.

Company: Clevername Theatre
Show: ATLAS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ : An Objective Musical
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

Atlas Shrugged Again

Political and humorous with music. Ayn Rand would be proud and would not understand the irony.

Company: Novagrex Theatre Company
Show: Royalty: An Absurdist Play About Dramatic Copyright
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio

High School drama

The theme man's inhumanity to man or why high school drama departments and authors both get screwed was very artfully depicted. All of this was bracketed by two feel good dance numbers. Well done.

Company: Jill Moshman
Show: With and Without
Venue: Crane Theater

Good ideas not realized

I liked the dancers tethered together but the music in the second part distracted from the movements which were for the most part interesting.

Company: DangerVision Productions
Show: Visitation
Venue: Crane Theater


Some humorous bits surrounded by some not very interesting meditations on death.

Company: The Winding Sheet Outfit
Show: You Are Cordially Invited to the Life and Death of Edward Lear
Venue: Crane Theater

Perfect staging

Besides its obvious attributes humor, history and hijinks I would like to laud three other attributes: the research, the staging and Sam Landman.

Company: Emily Michaels King
Show: Magic Girl
Venue: Crane Theater

Revealing and brave

This is the show that stayed with me after my 7 show Saturday marathon. Intense , original ,searing and revealing. I kept wondering what she would do next. The hair , the lights ,the movement , the music and the exposition all added up to a total experience. By the way, my wife hated this show but thats what art is. It provokes strong reactions sometimes positive and sometimes negative sometimes in the same family.

Company: Weggel Productions
Show: Cat Confidential: The Secret Lives of the Mothers of Lions
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Cat Lovers

Some real funny and poignant material, but the majority of the show was monologues read to us not always very fluidly.. The readings made to show seem very last minute and totally unrehearsed.

Company: Schmidtshow Productions
Show: Because I Said So
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Even with Shanon

Two good musical performances two good skits but I don't enjoy being read to from the stage I can read at home . On the stage I want to see a performance.

Company: Literally Entertainment
Show: The Scranton Strangler: An Office Musical
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Serial Killer

Wonderful performances by the entire cast enhance a very funny parody of the Office or of any workplace.

Company: Haute Dish Productions
Show: Chisago: The Musical
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Bob Fosse would be proud

There was nothing I did't love about this show. The costumes, the choreography, the singing , the dancing, the acting , the staging, the humor, Paul Bunyan and the all around professional performance all added up to a top notch very enjoyable show.

Company: Komedio Comedy
Show: Nerd Rage! The Great Debates
Venue: Crane Theater

Improv the right way

I had no expectations for this show,so naturally I laughed the entire time . Levi and Heather were especially quick witted.

Company: The Provettes
Show: The Provettes
Venue: Crane Theater

Facial expressions

The first act and the final act were a 5 the improv story dance was not. Nevertheless in all acts the facial expressions added so much to the production.

Company: W.A.R. Theater
Show: Beat.
Venue: Crane Theater

Jack, Al, Lucian and Dave

Read the program before the show. The historical background adds much to the production. A very intriguing mix of music , movement , history and drama.

Company: Shrieking Harpies
Show: The Shrieking Harpies
Venue: Strike Theater

Talented miss

The women were very talented and the show had an uproarious start and then seemed to go off the rails as they awkwardly searched for a story. The show is worth seeing but I felt this particular show was a miss.

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