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Turnabout Musical

By Albino Squirrel Productions

Created by PW Musical Productions

Live In-Person Performance
What's this?
Based on the popular "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" video game series, Turnabout Musical is a fan-written musical adventure featuring the games' colorful cast, filled with mystery, mayhem... and murder.
Abuse/Physical violence,Adult language,Blood,Crude Humor,Gun/Weapon usage,Violence
The creators say this show is appropriate for ages 12-15 and up
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"Turnabout Musical" is a fan-written musical based on the popular "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" series of video games. What began as a joke suggestion on a message board soon spiraled into a full-fledged production, featuring curated contributions from no less than nineteen songwriters, ultimately leading up to a live performance of the show in 2016. Featuring the same colorful cast that made the video games famous, Turnabout Musical is a musical adventure filled with mystery, mayhem... and murder.
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