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Beyond the Box: Bare Bones Puppets

Learn more about Bare Bones Puppets Isle D'Plastique, performing June 6 and August 11 at the Theater in the Round Amphitheater on Nicollet Mall as part of Beyond the Box.

What inspired you to create this performance? What inspires you to perform this piece?

A recent issue of National Geographic featured an article about plastic in our oceans, and its effect on sea life. This inspired us to create Isle D'Plastique using only recycled materials.

If you had to describe the piece in 8 words or less, how would you do so?

Our diabolical love affair with plastic.


How is performing outdoors in this kind of venue different from performing in theatre spaces? In what was is this kind of performance more rewarding or interesting than performing in a more traditional space? 

Performing outdoors connects us to nature, and to an audience that might not find its way to a theater. It demands that we play in broad, bold ways that suits our medium -- puppetry. We don't focus on language or text, but rely instead on poetic, powerful imagery that engages the audiences as they interpret it. When we're outside, we create the excitement of a parade, a surprising gift to the passerby. The unexpected appearance of puppets in downtown Minneapolis connects us to the notion of vital knowledge to be imparted, and underscores the Bard's assertion that "All the world's a stage."

About Bare Bones Puppets:

With a mission focused on bringing art into community, and community into art, Bare Bones Puppets is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit operating as a collective of visual and performing artists to bring visionary parades, outdoor installations, and spectacle performances, generally involving stilting, bicycles, and great big puppets. Known for their annual Halloween Outdoor Puppet Extravaganza, Bare Bones also participates in May Day, visual and performing arts residencies, and events including Independence Day parades, the Aquatennial, and more.




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