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Drafts & Draughts is Fringe's multidisciplinary scratch night, featuring 3-5 snippets of staged new work. Presenting works-in-progress in a casual atmosphere provides artists with a supportive audience. Artists work with Fringe staff to design and receive feedback on the specific questions needed to push their work further. Drafts & Draughts runs the gamut, featuring theatre, dance, improv, storytelling, spoken word, magic, interdisciplinary work, and more.

Artists, use the application at the bottom of this page to submit your information.

Artist FAQs

How staged are we talking? Can actors use scripts?

We're open to any in-process work with the exception of traditional script readings (with actors seated at music stands, and stage directions read aloud), though we think work that is fully staged and off-book probably benefits most from this format. Regardless, we frame the staging expectations for audiences to ensure they are meeting each artist at their unique point in the process. 

How long should the draft be?

D&D is designed to serve artists' needs. We accommodate drafts from 5 to 30+ minutes. We ask for run time in the application, but know timing can change as a piece is revised prior to a sharing.

What is the tech situation like? 

All 2018-19 D&D events are held in The Playwrights' Center black box. Each artist receives a 20-minute tech and spacing rehearsal on the day of the event. Fringe also provides a venue technician to cue/trigger all provided sounds, and work with the artist to design a handful of simple lighting cues as useful (such as blackouts and changes to house lights). Some artists also choose to use costumes and/or props. 

How does the audience feedback work?

Each artist works with Fringe's Artistic Director to design specifically tailored questions that will best serve their needs at this point in the process, and push forward the piece's development. These questions are provided to the audiences at the top of each event, as is further context about the draft and the artist. After each draft, there is a brief break for audiences to write their answers to each question individually on a sticky note. At the end of the night, artists take home this feedback. 

Who are some previous Drafts & Draughts artists?
Sam Landman's Welcome to Musicland, a solo account of working in a record store chain during the sad decline of vinyl in the late 1980's.
Sparkle Theatricals, featuring magician Noah Sonie, as they generated content for their 2018 Halloween show, HEIST
Keith Hovis' Jefferson Township Sparkling Junior Talent Pageant, a 2017 Festival hit which will have its' full length premiere at Park Square in 2019
Devising ensemble Animal Engine's The Mountains Did Quake, The Hillsides Did Tremble based on The Epic of Gilgamesh
Utilizing Balinese shadow puppetry and mask, Dell'Arte MFA alum Kaitlen Osburn, test drove a new character: Honch, a private detective...who is very bad at his job. 
Composer Benjamin Emory Larson and performer/vocalist Jenny LeDoux shared drafted compositions in a classical-crossover style from a larger in-development musical which tells the stories of Emily Dickinson, Ada Lovelace, and Florence Nightingale  

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