Family Fringe Application Information

The Minnesota Family Fringe provides opportunities for artists and companies interested in presenting work geared for multi-generational audiences and young people primarily under the age of 13. Family Fringe also offers a chance for family audiences interested in new and adventurous work that is hard to find and/or underrepresented in traditional venues. Companies may choose to apply to both the Minnesota Fringe Festival and the Family Fringe, and are eligible to participate in both if selected in the lottery and by the Family Fringe jury

Ticket prices to the 2019 Family Fringe are $14 (adult) and $6 (child) for a single show. Patrons will also have the option to purchase limited discount admission packages in various increments that equal either $12 or $10 per seat. Admission packages are transferable between Family Fringe and Fringe Festival.

Family Fringe performances will take place at Barbara Barker Center for Dance on the University of Minnesota West Bank Campus July 26-28 and August 2-4, 2019.

Applying to Family Fringe is free of charge. More information can be found in the Family Fringe Producer Handbook.

2019 Family Fringe Producer Handbook 2019 Family Fringe Producer Handbook

Family Fringe is curated by a jury made up of artists, producers, Fringe board and staff. Up to 6 productions will be chosen; each with 5 performance slots. Selected producers will receive a call the week of March 11 to confirm participation and publicly announced no later than March 21.

The Basics: Time and money

The 2019 Family Fringe will take place over two weekends: Friday, July 26 through Sunday, July 28, and Friday, 2 through Sunday, August 4. All shows must be between 40 - 50 minutes long*, and will be scheduled to run within a time slot grid.

*The festival may be able to accommodate one 70 -80 minute production upon special consideration. If you would like to present in this longer format, please indicate this on your application.

NEW THIS YEAR: 100% payout option! Traditionally, Family Fringe pays artists 70% of their box office based on a $350 production fee. This year, a 100% box office payout is available. If you opt in to a 100% payout, the production fee is $950. The production fee is due March 22.

NEW THIS YEAR: Relaxed Performance Initiative. Fringe and our Relaxed Performances Consultant will select 1 company to present 2 additional Relaxed Performances (total of 7 performances). The artist/company will be supported by Fringe’s Relaxed Performances Consultant and staff to collaborate in making accommodations as needed in regards to sounds and lighting to improve the experience for young people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), sensory sensitivities, and others who may benefit from a more relaxed atmosphere for enjoying a show. These accommodations may include lowering the volume on sound cues, keeping house lights partially illuminated during the performance, and other suggested modifications; the artistic vision of your performance will not be tampered with. This artist/company will be provided a second technical rehearsal and a stipend for each performance in addition to box office split.

What you get

  • Five scheduled performances
  • Guaranteed 70% OR 100% of your box office receipts. Receipts include single-ticket sales to your show at full price ($14), the admission package discount rates ($12 or $10), or the child fare ($6).
  • A professional-grade, well-equipped, multi-functional venue
  • Professional technicians to run the board for your show, including one lighting designer to set cues
  • Ticket sales (advanced and in-person), box office staff and front-of-house services
  • Fringe Producers' Handbook—your comprehensive guide
  • Use of the Fringe's festival rate contract with Actors' Equity
  • Access to workshops and one-on-one help sessions
  • Drawings and photos of your venue
  • Customizable page for your show on our website
  • Publicity distribution to major press outlets and regional producers/presenters
  • Artist passes for you and your cast to see Fringe Festival and Family Fringe shows for free

What you're responsible for

  • Find or create a script; acquire any necessary rights or permissions for existing scripts/music
  • Arrange/contract actors and director
  • Costumes, props, sound cues and set pieces
  • Marketing your show
  • Arranging necessary visas and work permits if coming from outside the United States
  • Abiding by the Fringe rules and deadlines

Please remember that Fringe is a different producing environment than "normal" production. The Fringe pace is faster, the timeline more compressed, and there is less control over venue choice, tech, ticketing and schedule. Requests that might be reasonable in a single-show venue can prove much more challenging at Fringe. Guidelines and rules are in place to keep the big picture running smoothly - which is also what makes it so much fun!

Is Family Fringe right for your production?

We believe there's a place for everyone in Fringe and we welcome participation from anyone who wants to play. But Family Fringe has a specific feel and purpose, and isn’t right for every kind of production. Dream big, but know there are some real limitations you'll have to take into account to fit within Family Fringe’s intentions and production framework:

  • Keep it family friendly: Audiences will primarily be made up of young children, their parents, grandparents, and other caregivers. Your show should be both interesting to and appropriate for multigenerational audiences.
  • Keep it short: All shows must be between 40 and 50 minutes long including any curtain calls or audience discussions.
  • Keep it simple: You must be able to load in and set up your show in ten minutes. Likewise, you get ten minutes to load out after your show is finished. Storage is never guaranteed, so you may need to haul your set and costumes in and out for every performance. Venue will be shared by up to 5 other companies, so lighting configurations will be general to serve many different shows. Projection equipment (video or still) is available, but requires companies to provide personnel to run it as well as setup and breakdown within the allotted time frame.
  • Keep it inside: Merchandise sales are permitted in the designated area - NOT the lobby - at the venue during your allotted show time and during the half hour immediately following load out.

Ready to apply? Fill out the application. If you've got questions, contact us at Good luck!


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