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Fringe Virtual Festival Information

So, you're ready to participate in the first ever Minnesota Fringe Virtual Festival... 

Yay! That's awesome -- let's make that happen. We believe Fringe is for everyone, which is why we continue to take steps to remove barriers to participation. Even if that means producing a show during a global pandemic. We’re here to make Fringe work for you!

Traditionally, Fringe selects, staffs, and manages an in-person Festival. Virtually Produced shows invite producers to select any platform to stage their work and lead the festivities. Have a favorite recording of a show you would like to share? Got an idea to live-stream a non-traditional performance? Been pivoting your work from the stage to the 'net? GREAT! You can be a pioneer in Minnesota's very first Virtual Fringe Festival!

Please take a moment to read through ALL the information in the Virtual Festival Information below BEFORE you register, including the requirements and payment structure. Additional details can be found in the 2020 Minnesota Fringe Virtual Festival Handbook.  

The 2020 Minnesota Fringe Virtual Festival runs Thursday, July 30 through Sunday, August 9.

There are two ways to participate in the Virtual Festival: By submitting to be selected for a one-time live performance July 30-August 9 during the Nightly Fringe -OR- feature your show on our Digital Hub where any audience member with a Fringe Button may view your content.

Up to 22 shows will be selected by popular online vote to be featured during our Nightly Fringe live performances, each lasting approximately 30 minutes and hosted by the artist at 7pm or 8pm. Artists in Nightly Fringe may not ticket their performances, but can solicit for donations during the event.

An unlimited number of shows will be posted in our Digital Hub which can only be accessed if a patron purchases a Fringe Button ($5). Artists in the Digital Hub can ticket their performances and keep 100% of the proceeds. Shows can be of any length, but duration should be clearly posted if it is more or less than the typical 60 minute Fringe performance.


Nightly Fringe

Digital Hub

Shows selected by... Public Vote Registration by Artist
Cost of Application/Registration FREE $20 per listing
Application Deadline June 15 Rolling
Number of Artists Up to 22 Unlimited
Live / Recorded Performance Live Recorded or Live - Up to Artist
Number of Performances 1 per Artist Streaming (unlimited) / Dates & Times up to Artist 
Performance Length 30 minutes max Any
Video hosting and
streaming provided by...
Artist Artist
Access to Performance Link Public / Universal

$5 Button Purchase 
to enter Digital  Hub

Performance Ticket Price FREE (Artists may solicit for donations) Artist Choice
Publicity Press Release, Daily Fringe Newsletter,
Minnesota Fringe Social Media
Press Release, Daily Fringe Newsletter,
Minnesota Fringe Social Media
Accessibility Services  N/A Available 
Eligibility  MN Artists & Artists who have performed 
in Minnesota Fringe Festival in the past 3 years
All Artists
Application / Registration

Applications are CLOSED

Register Your Show

Is the Minnesota Fringe Virtual Festival right for your production?

Please remember the Minnesota Fringe Virtual Festival is a different producing environment than "normal" production. Guidelines and rules are in place to keep the big picture running smoothly - which is also what makes it fun! 

If you've got questions, contact us at Thank you for participating in the Fringe Festival!

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