Golden Lanyard Awards


Announcing the 2018 Winners...

Audience-driven Awards

Audience Picks:

(Note: due to a tie in voting, 4 Audience Picks were awarded instead of 3.)

Spirit of the Fringe: 

Venue Picks:

Fringe With Benefits Members' Pick

Artist-driven Awards

Artist Picks:

Underdog Award: (awarded to a first-time-at-Minnesota-Fringe-first-time producer/company)

Staff Picks

Selection Criteria:

Audience-driven Awards

  • 'Spirit of the Fringe (1 recipient): Vote for the "Fringiest" production you saw in this year's Festival! Who made the boldest choices, took the most risks? Which piece took audiences on an adventure? 1 award will be given. Click here to submit your vote. 
  • Venue Picks (12 recipients): The top selling production at each traditional venue (based on the first 4 performances). 12 awards will be given.
  • Fringe with Benefits Member Pick (1 recipient): A special award for our year-round champions, Fringe with Benefits members, to select their favorite production.  Fringe with Benefits members: check your email for your digital ballot during the Festival.

Artist-driven Awards

  • Artist Picks (3 recipients): Vote for one favorite company/production showcasing artistic achievement -- a prestigious, peer-given award!
  • Underdog (First Year Producer) Award (1 recipient): Vote for the company -- producing here at Minnesota Fringe for the first time -- which has taken the boldest risks, been the most ambitious newbie, and wowed you with their first show! Click here for a list of eligible productions

Artists: vote for both awards with your 2 ballots at Fringe Central Red Stag Supperclub, August 2-11, 10pm to 12midnight. Remember, only artists in your show should use your ballots, and you cannot vote for your own show for either award. (Each ballot has your show number stamped on it.)

Staff-driven Awards

Members of the year-round Fringe team will recognize a production based on their organizational role... and/or their own fringe-tastic, creative prerogatives!

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