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Box Office Policies

2020 Festival Box Office Information

Attending the Festival is easy!


Show information, multi-show passes, and single tickets will not be available for purchase until July 1, 2020.


All patrons need to go to the box office at each venue to purchase or redeem a token — our tickets come in the form of tokens, so that we can reuse them. All patrons need a token to enter the theater and see a show.

To purchase admission in advance online, simply search for the show you want to see using the search bar at the top right. On the show page, you'll see all the dates, times, and purchasing options.

2020 Festival Ticketing Prices

 Adult Tickets $15* 

Child Tickets $7*  

 Passholder Reservation $3

 5 Show Passes** $65


 10 Show Passes**  $110


VIP Passes

Available with select
 Fringe with Benefits Memberships

Minnesota Fringe Offices: 79 13th Ave NE, Mpls 55413 (office hours are 10-4pm weekdays)

Minnesota Fringe cannot provide ticket refunds or exchanges.

*Advanced online single ticket sales will also have a reservation fee of $3 added.  If you are a 5 Show or 10 Show passholder and you want to guarantee a seat at a particular show, it is recommended you make a passholder reservation only for $3.  

**A $2 set-up charge will be added to all Multi-Show Pass sales. Passes will be sold during the Festival, they can be purchased at the Rarig Will Call table or Fringe HQ. Box Office Personnel are not able to check Multi-Show Pass Balances at the box office. Please call the office if you have questions. Multi-Show Passes are valid for Fringe Festival and Family Fringe productions only between July 26-August 11. We have a limited number of these passes available for purchase. All Passes expire on August 10, 2020.

All online sales and in-person 5 Show and 10 Show Pass sales will have a $2 processing fee added to each order.   

The Important Stuff

  • All Comps, Vouchers, and Passes must be redeemed for tokens at the box office.
  • All patrons need a token for entry into the performance.
  • Please check online for age appropriateness of individual shows.
  • Photos and video of all performances are prohibited.
  • For everyone's safety, late seating and re-admission are not allowed once the show has started. 

Issues or questions can be directed to or by calling 612-260-6466

Questions about Passes, Reservations, or Tokens? Read on!


Why no late seating?

  • We’re big… really big: With hundreds of performances at over a dozen venues over 11 days at the Festival, we have to run a tight ship to prevent total chaos.
  • Artists need to feel safe: Some theaters require patrons to walk across the stage to reach the seating area. Many shows use audience entrances and exits during the show. And late seating can distract performers -- and your fellow patrons.
  • Audiences need to feel safe: Entering a dim theater, possibly for the first time, and trying to find open seats puts patrons and volunteers at unnecessary risk.

What is a token and why do I need one?

Tokens are Tickets here at Fringe! Once you purchase or redeem your ticket for a show, you’ll be handed a rubber or wooden token. When you enter the theater, turn it in to the usher. Tokens let us know exactly how many patrons are in the audience so we can accurately pay artists for their work.

How do I purchase a seat to a show in advance?

You can purchase tickets and reservations online in advance until 11:59pm the day prior to the performance. Simply find the search icon at the top right corner of our website. Type in the name of the show you want to see and click through to their show page. On the show page, you will see a list of performances dates and times. Under “Ticket Options,” select your type of purchase: Adult Ticket, Child Ticket, or Passholder Reservation. NOTE: Advanced online single ticket sales will also have a seat reservation fee of $3 added to the ticket price. We reserve 30% of all houses for walk-up sales if you do not want to pay the reservation fee, but you do run the risk of the show selling out!

What are passholder reservations?

Passholder reservations are for VIP, 5 Show Passholders, 10 Show Passholders, and Volunteer Vouchers only. Passholder reservations are $3 per show. You must show and swipe your pass at Box Office to redeem your passholder reservation. If you do not have your pass or voucher when you arrive at the Box Office, you will be asked to purchase a single ticket to enter the show.  

I’m trying to make a reservation but it says “pre-sale closed”! Is the show sold out?

No, the show is not sold out. "Pre-sale closed" means that online sales have stopped for that show (online sales close at 11:59pm the day prior to the performance). Only 70% of each house can be sold in advance online. Minnesota Fringe reserves 30% of of the house for walk-up sales. If you get to the theater early, you may still be able to purchase a ticket!

What are VIP, 5 Show, and 10 Show Passes**?

Our Multi Show passes make Fringe Binging easy and flexible for your schedule. For example, a 5 Show Pass gets you admission into five shows, anytime. You could see five shows alone, or one show with four friends! A 10 Show Pass allows 10 show admissions. Passes are sold online from July 1-20 and will be mailed out; during the Festivals, they are sold in person at the Rarig Will Call table and at our Offices.

The VIP (Valued Intrepid Patron) Pass comes with most of our Fringe with Benefits Memberships and gives you access to any show, at any time, in any venue, during either festival. 

**Multi Show Passes are valid for Fringe Festival productions only between July 30-August 9. Multi Show Passes expire on August 10, 2020.

**Box Office Personnel are not able to check Multi Show Pass Balances. Please contact the office with questions. 

How do I reserve seats to a show in advance if I have a VIP, 5 Show, or 10 Show Pass?

On the production’s show page under “Ticket Options,” you will want to choose “Passholder Reservation” -- each reservation is $3 and guarantees you a seat in the show. Be sure to bring your pass to the Box Office with you, as you will need to swipe it in order to pick up your reservation. If you do not have your pass when you arrive at the Box Office, you will be asked to purchase a single ticket to enter the show.

How do I use my VIP Passes, 5 Show, and 10 Show Passes?

To use your Multi Show Pass, simply present your pass to Box Office personnel who will swipe it and hand you a token. When you enter the venue, turn in your token to the Usher.  If you have made a Passholder Reservation, Box Office personnel will still need to swipe your pass when you pick up your token(s). All passes are valid for use at Minnesota Fringe Festival productions. VIP Passes are transferable and can be used for up to 55 entries. 5 Show and 10 Show Passes are NOT refillable. Box office personnel are unable to check your pass balance at the box office.

Passes are sold during the Festival at the Rarig Will Call table and at our Offices.

How do I use my Artist Pass?

To use your Artist Pass, first wait in the Artist Rush Line at the venue, indicated by the pennant flag. At ten minutes until showtime, or after all paying patrons have been let into the theater, front of house staff will then swipe your Artist Pass and hand you a token. Hand the token to the usher when you enter the theater. Artist Passes are valid for use at Minnesota Fringe Festival productions.

NOTE: Artist Passholders may not redeem passholder reservations with their Artist Pass.

How do I use a Ticket Voucher or Show Comp?

To redeem your Ticket Voucher or Show Comp, simply exchange it at the box office for a token. Artist Show Comps may only be redeemed for specific productions. Please check the back for the show title listed on your Artist Show Comp for redemption at that show's performances.

What are your policies and ticket prices for kids?

Youth under the age of 12 qualify for the $7 admission price. Infants in laps do not need tokens, but toddlers do.

What's the deal with Independently Produced (IP) Shows?

IP shows are intended to offer a wider range of options for location, length, and complexity -- among other choices. Be sure to read the "More Information" tab on each show page for detailed information about start and end times -- IP shows do not always adhere to traditional start and end times. Minnesota Fringe is not responsible for front-of-house at IP shows, but your comps, vouchers, and Multi Show Passes will be honored there.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Issues or questions can be directed to If your need is immediate during the festival, you can try to call our Box Office HQ at 612-260-6466. If our personnel is busy or you are calling after regular business hours, please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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