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Minnesota Fringe

Minnesota Fringe Celebrated 25 Years by Creating FringeCast 2018


During our 25th Anniversary year, Fringe celebrated the spirit of connecting adventurous artists with adventurous audiences through a special podcast - Minnesota FringeCast.

QuOTeD Podcast creator Rebekah Smith assembled a behind-the-scenes look at the people who play a part in helping Fringe go-round, year-round. From artists to audiences, volunteers to staff, the cast of characters involved with Fringe's story are as diverse as the productions in our flagship Festival.


FringeCast 001
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 1 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 1: What is Fringe?

Released on Thursday May 17 2018
FringeCast 002
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 2 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 2: I am here. You are here.

Released on Thursday May 24 2018
FringeCast 003
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 3 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 3: Postcard from an Angel

Released on Thursday May 31 2018
FringeCast 004
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 4 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 4: Like Playing Tetris

Released on Thursday June 07 2018
FringeCast 005
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 5 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 5: Not for the Faint of Heart

Released on Thursday June 14 2018
FringeCast 006
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 6 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 6: The Lottery

Released on Thursday June 21 2018
FringeCast 007
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 7 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 7: Where’s the Script, Travis?

Released on Thursday June 28 2018
FringeCast 008
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 8 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 8: Choose Your Own Adventure

Released on Thursday July 05 2018
FringeCast 009
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 9 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 9: What Color is a Stormy Night?

Released on Thursday July 12 2018
FringeCast 010
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 10 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 10: When Children Lean In

Released on Thursday July 19 2018
FringeCast 011
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 11 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 11: Beginning. Middle. End.

Released on Thursday July 26 2018
FringeCast 012
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 12 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 12: Something for Everyone

Released on Thursday August 02 2018
FringeCast 013
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 13 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 13: Interpreting the Experience

Released on Thursday August 09 2018
FringeCast 014
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 14 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 14: What's Next

Released on Wednesday August 15 2018
FringeCast 015
Minnesota FringeCast Episode 15 Podcast Cover Image

Episode 15: Butts in Seats

Released on Wednesday August 22 2018
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