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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Matthew Kessen

Company: Wayward Theatre Company
Show: Far Away by Caryl Churchill
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Beautiful and powerful

This is a surrealist, dystopian piece, which is a sort of thing that I greatly love; part Orwell, part Gilliam, and also with one of my favorite Bowie songs, this was an extremely well-staged production and I want to say "a joy to watch" but joy cannot be said to be its goal. Completely wonderful.

Company: Hit the Lights! Theater Co.
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

Simultaneously exciting and poignant

A rousing punk-rock variety show about the tragedy of whaling, with a bit of Moby Dick as well. It put me in mind of Tom Waits' quote, "I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things," and it was glorious.

Company: The Fourth Wall
Show: Fruit Flies Like a Banana
Venue: Celtic Junction

Pure, utter joy

A flute, a trombone, and a vibraphone (usually) play randomly-selected bits of classical music while the musicians do these amazing acrobatic dances, and it was friggin' happiness made manifest on stage, I cried with joy like five times, it was astounding.

Company: Hit the Lights! Theater Co.
Venue: Celtic Junction

An absolute delight

Completely charming and delightful, with a really beautiful message and the captivating shadow-puppet visuals I immediately came to expect from them last year. See this!

Company: Mermaid Productions
Show: Have You Seen This Girl?
Venue: Hard Times Cafe

Insightful and challenging and powerful

Given the subject matter and the fact that it's Ariel Leaf, I was expecting something deeply personal, with serious insight into how humans are, and with profound skill at challenging the audience's preconceptions. And I got all of that, loads of it. What I wasn't expecting was the level on which it was a piece on perspective (among many other things); about how troubles and worry and strife are approached in so many different ways by different people. A brilliant show; a must-see.

Company: Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society
Show: The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society Versus the Nazis
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Just see it

Four of the best goddamned performers in this town performing old radio shows on stage, complete with commercials and live sound effects. The love for the source material and the incredible skill of the actors made it completely mesmerizing.

Company: Foxlin
Show: Next: The Musical (A Sidekick Story)
Venue: Augsburg Studio

Just utterly wonderful

A hilarious, poignant, musical performed mostly by teenagers, who were impossibly charming and charismatic and talented, an absolute joy to watch. A totally, totally delightful show!

Company: The Winding Sheet Outfit
Show: Blood Nocturne
Venue: Southern Theater

Pretty much perfect

Hilarious and deeply sad and educational and with a powerful message. Amazing, memorable songs and some of the best visual effects I have ever seen in theater. Completely, completely incredible. I'm hoping to see it again.

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