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2018 Audience Reviews

Member Reviews

The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Scott Moriarity

Company: The Fourth Wall
Show: Fruit Flies Like a Banana
Venue: Celtic Junction

Fantastic Performances

As an unreformed music performance major, I was impressed by the sheer skill and hustle in this show. Strong performances all around, great repertoire choices (a smart balance of chestnuts and new music), and clever engagement of younger listeners. More like this, please: if a jury is what's needed to bring this top-quality family fare to the Fringe, then I'm all for it. Highly recommended.

Company: Impossible Salt
Show: The Member of Some Gods
Venue: Casket Arts Building

Peculiar, Lacked Intrigue or Development

The concept is intriguing but didn't come together in the execution. There wasn't any growth or change in the characters that might have made their journey through the afterlife more meaningful. Audience participation is invited, and the performers throw some improv into the mix, but nothing comic or dramatic enough to build the narrative. Same goes for the Egyptian gods who make cameo appearances but don't do anything distinguish themselves. Odd, curious, might be better after a few drinks, but not recommended.

Company: Vox Medusa and Infiammati FireCircus
Venue: Logan Park

Amazing Lavish Production

This is the kind of totally unique show you only get through Fringe. Amazing performances; 45 minutes of choreography with a complete soundtrack; inventive lighting, staging, and costuming. Oh and by the way, the operatic lines are in Latin. You're simply not going to get any more spectacle at a Fringe show than this one. Only one quibble, it would have been daring to attempt a feminist revision of the Medusa myth, maybe something with more justice and less decapitation?

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