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2018 Audience Reviews

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The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Bailey Hess

Company: Flash Grenade Productions
Show: The Flashlight Zone: 20 Science Fiction Plays in One Hour
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Dooo dee doo dee dooooo (twilight zone theme song)

Felt just like a Twilight Zone episode(s). Some stories were more gripping than others and I would have loved to see those more fleshed out, but in all, I liked the short scenes. It's like we got the taste of 20 science fiction stories, something we don't often see in theatre. I understand the randomizing of each scene, but I think I would have preferred a set order. I just kept hoping whatever came last would be a fantastic scene so it would end on a high note. That stressed me out!

Company: The Bearded Company
Show: Swords & Sorcery: The Improvised Fantasy Campaign
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Perception check on this AWESOME FREAKING SHOW

This comes from a die hard fan, but Bearded Co changed my LIFE. I saw this same show last year and laughed so much that I ended up going to every Bearded Co show after that. They are phenomenal performers and make me laugh more than I have ever laughed. They are improv gods. Amazing actors. They are individuals, but are also one. They are beauty. They are grace. They are a natural 20 times infinity. GO SEE THIS SHOW.

Company: Sidecar Theatre
Show: Summers in Prague
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Beautiful and honest

Beautiful, relatable, real acting from both performers - It was like looking into the window to the characters' lives instead of watching a play. This is what great acting looks like! They listened, they were 3 dimensional, they showed a series of emotions and really connected to the audience. Who knew you could be on the same page as a play about sex work.

Company: Shrieking Harpies
Show: Shrieking Harpies
Venue: Augsburg Studio

Sing it gurl

I've seen the Shrieking Harpies before and absolutely love them. A zany tale from start to finish, and all have gorgeous voices. Can't believe they are flying by the seat of their pants. Only qualm is that they spoke over top of each other a LOT, which made following a little difficult.

Company: Backyard to Broadway Productions
Show: Right, Wrong or Bomb! A Dating Musical
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Fun and relatable!

We all know how online dating works, and if we don't, the script gives us a clue. Wonderful singing by the lead and I loved the mother. Also introducing the term "the bastard," now I can use that in my daily life! (We all know one. Or two. Or three.) Put this on your list to see!

Company: Theatre Corrobora
Show: Rejection
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage

Left wanting more...

I felt this show mirrored an episode you would see of any sitcom. All of the characters went through a therapy session about love, but only one of them came out really benefiting from it. What was the point of the therapist? Was he there to teach them something or did he just create conflict that was never really solved? Loved the actor who stepped in last second - he read from a script but I think gave the best performance. Actors seemed a bit too rehearsed, were ready to say their lines right on cue - I wanted to believe they were having real conversations, but I didn't.

Company: Colleen Somerville Productions
Show: Not Fair, My Lady!
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre


I hooted, I clapped, I snapped my fingers, I clutched my heart, I FELT THE CRAP OUT OF THIS SHOW. YES. QUEEN. YES.

Company: Sheep Theater
Show: Kaboom
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust


Sheep always does good work. Love all the intertwined storylines. Fast paced energy. Lots of laughter. Very original. That poor bald man - always the butt of a good bald joke, a true saint.

Company: Oncoming Productions
Show: Geminae
Venue: Southern Theater

Wanting more...

I came to see this show after tons of people recommended it to me. It was really beautiful to look at, but I didn't enjoy it as much as my friends, I think. I loved the movement, but the script seemed a little repetitive. They said the same thing quite a few times (oxygen, Audrey, murder, murder, murder). I kept waiting for something else to happen.

Company: Tom Reed
Show: Gunplay!
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Relevant and quick!

Great show - loved the fast pace, the SUPER relevant content and how it was artfully addressed, and the musical performances were wonderful. The girl on vocal rest and the "chemistry" whispers... LIVING FOR IT.

Company: Goof Goof
Show: (a) Normal Theatre Play
Venue: Strike Theater

Did I not get it?

I have never seen a Goof Goof show, and I they preface what kind of theatre they do at the beginning of the performance, but then go into a normal performance of a well known play. I would have preferred they went way overboard with the story, making it a parody through character performances and bits throughout. (There were some funny moments, but they didn't start until a third of the way through.) The acting seemed too sincere when I expected it to be absurd. Maybe I didn't get it? Love the people, but I think it could have been a lot more ridiculous, which would have made seeing this familiar tale unique.

Company: Fearless Comedy Productions
Show: Deep in The 100 Acre Woods: A "Pooh"-dunnit?
Venue: Minnsky Theatre

Cute but not amazing?

I loved the commitment of all the actors to the characters and their voices, but I thought it could have been more campy - it was a little too serious, which seemed strange for Pooh characters. Eeeyore and Rabbit were fantastic, would have loved to see everyone's portrayals as over the top as theirs.

Company: The Coldharts
Show: Eddie Poe
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage


This show is ART! Beautiful from beginning to end. Shows like this one inspire me to make wonderful theatre. Beautiful performances by both actors (especially the woman playing three distinct parts AND singing AND playing the ukulele QUEEN), gorgeous tech, and the card-playing scene? AMAZING. Go see this show.

Company: So Shall I
Show: Estate of Affairs
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio

Viney is a dream.

Fun show from beginning to end! Quick (real quick) and adorable. A good time for all. If you like a farce and enjoy a giggle, go see this show!

Company: The Band Group
Show: TITUS: Sweet Water, Silent Walks
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Heart wrenching must see.

I feel like the rating system doesn't do this show justice. Seeing every other fringe show so far, there have been things I like and things I don't like, things that would make a 5 star show not quite 5 stars. I have given some five stars. But this show is beyond a staring system. Now I will say right off the bat that I am not a Shakespeare person. I've never seen or read Titus before. I will also confess that the lead in this show is a good friend of mine. But both she and the cast took me out of the theatre with their performance. I felt as if no time had passed, and at the same time, all of the time had gone by. I was not swept up with the performance, but pulled into it. The contemporary dance added so much emotion that I feel wouldn't have been there had it just been a straight cutting from the play. The ensemble formed every scene with sound and blocking, and the choreography really pulled me into the emotion of the characters. I cried. I cried a lot. This show is phenomenal in bringing light to sexual violence. I have never been sexually assaulted, but watching the raw performances of both Jackie O'Neill as Lavinia and the three women who were together with her in her experience, made me feel as if I was going through the struggle with them. I would not want to see this play again, as it was very depressing. But it was depressing in a necessary way. It was beautiful. Go and see this.

Company: JoZanephine Originals
Show: For The Love Of ...
Venue: Southern Theater

The feels and the feels and the feels...

I thought the show was very well staged, with seamless transitions from one scene to the next. The acting was well done by everyone, but I did feel like the lead monologued almost too much, and I wanted to see more rather than be told about it. There were many emotional moments and I did find myself tearing up. I would have liked to see a few more lighthearted moments - just so we weren't on the one level of "content sadness" that seemed to be the theme.

Company: Wayward Theatre Company
Show: Far Away by Caryl Churchill
Venue: Rarig Center Arena

Strange and subtle, scary.

Wayward Theatre always does beautiful work. The staging was stunning and the use of the cast without lines was amazing - they rarely spoke but were fundamental. I agree with other reviews - I was pretty lost to the plot, but that's the writing, not the performance. I'll definitely have to google this one - I definitely feel like this would be a play I would have to write a 15 page paper on in college. Definitely come see this one.

Company: Clevername Theatre
Show: THE NEWS: A Musical
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

Extra, I want extra!

The actors were stellar in this performance, with singing and scene work. (The Editor was my favorite.) Even though it is set in the 60s, it could easily transition to news media today. With that being said, there could have been so many more clear connections to modern times to really prove the point of the show (if that was in fact the point.) Too much time spent on silly plot points (cool whip) than on the corruption within the media and in similar political situations. All in all, I've seen a lot of fringe musicals, and this one was the best one I've seen so far!

Company: HFS
Show: Wonder and Awe: A Play About Magic
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Chaotic fun

This show started really amazingly - I loved the twist and wish I had gotten to see more of the piano magic man. Paul was the highlight - an amazing performer with quick pops into different characters. I laughed quite a bit, but most of the show felt very chaotic, with actors talking over one another, shouting, all while music is playing in the background. I truly felt bad for the female lead - she was shouting so much that her voice sounded raspy by the end. I think with a little more polishing and patience, it could be a wonderful show.

Company: Say It Loud Productions
Show: Revolt of the Beavers
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre


I enjoyed this show - it was fantastical and I felt I was actually in Beaverland despite a simple set. The costumes were WONDERFUL - they were some fashionable Beavers, very whimsical, way better than wearing Beaver suits. I do agree with a previous review, it does run pretty fast, especially in the beginning, and uses heavy political jargon. If you're not listening really close, or if you're not as up to date with current events, history, or scholarly rhetoric, you'll get a little lost in the academic lingo. Great message overall - everyone vote!

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