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2018 Audience Reviews

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The following reviews were submitted by Fringe Member: Matthew Pitts

Company: Vox Medusa and Infiammati FireCircus
Venue: Logan Park

So Wonderful

Every time the fire came out, I made audible "woah" noises like one does with fireworks. It was really cool to see the story of Medusa acted out like this and all the videos/effect/costumes/fire was great. Some of the dance number I do think went on a little longer than necessary to the point where they felt a little like filler, but i have never done fire before so maybe the extra time was needed backstage :)

Company: New Endeavors
Show: The Buttslasher
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

A great time

Loved the remount of this show :) had me laughing every bit as much as last year, and going with people who hadn't seen it before was quite an experience haha

Company: Some Lady's Production
Show: The Phone Sex Play
Venue: Rarig Center Xperimental

A bit offensive

Some lines were definitely cringe-worthy in a culturally insensitive way. The crew did not seem to be as into the show (just walked out right at the end of the performance even though they had plenty of time to interact with the audience). For the live voice actors, I'd recommend learning the script as trying to read from that red light was distracting from what was being said. I also wish the storyline had more substance and an arc. It didn't seem to really go anywhere :/ I really wanted to like this show, but after all is said and done I was unimpressed.

Company: Flash Grenade Productions
Show: The Flashlight Zone: 20 Science Fiction Plays in One Hour
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Kept me entertained

I love shows that are a mashup of smaller shows. If you don't like one, there's a new one coming right up. The acting was very strong, but a few of the shorts were underdeveloped due to how short they had to be (ironic) and they could have cut a couple less interesting ones. :) Great job though!!

Company: Jamie Brickhouse
Show: Dangerous When Wet: Booze, Sex, and My Mother
Venue: Augsburg Studio

Great one man show

Loved hearing him talk about his mother and past experiences. So much charisma! I could listen to you talk all day :D

Company: Fine, Poke The Wasp Productions
Show: I, Eternal
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage

Great story

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The script did seem a little heavy handed at time, but for how young this group was, they did pretty great :)

Company: Wayward Theatre Company
Show: Far Away by Caryl Churchill
Venue: Rarig Center Arena


I found this play to be too confusing. It was cool to watch, but the whole time I was just trying to figure it out and in the end I was left confused. The live band was great and the transitional periods we're so creative and streamlined for such a weird space. Keep making art you guys!

Company: Monster Science Productions
Show: What To Do In Case Of Dinosaur Attack
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre


This show was very entertaining. A unique concept, but in a real PowerPoint you wouldn't be reading from a script, you would be utilizing the space you have by moving around stage and gesturing to enunciate your points. While I found the jokes quite funny, I wish it played out more like a true presentation.

Company: Theory of Dance
Show: Theory of Relativity
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio


There were some moments in this show that truly took my breath away. There were some very creative and we'll executed lifts/physical theater along with amazingly skilled dancing. Some of the lighting was very unique and interesting. Definitely go see this is you like dance pieces :)

Company: Mollywood Productions
Show: Saree-ously Speaking? Uff-Da!
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

I was hoping for more

The show had a good idea behind it (and Sweetie sure was awesome), but the rest of the show fell flat. The writing tried too hard to make jokes while not having a complete storyline. The show was pretty one note when all was said and done. The customer of the music pieces were very distracting and at times even looked like they startled the actual dancers.

Company: The Coldharts
Show: Eddie Poe
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

Comedy with a side of internal struggle

Loved this show. It was a big accomplishment for me to see this show because the first year I went fringing, my car caught fire on the way to Edgar Allen, so naturally I had to break the curse and see the sequel. It did not disappoint :) the comedy was spot on and some of the lighting was amazing, dare I even say genius!?

Company: So Shall I
Show: Estate of Affairs
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio

Straight up delightful :D

Loved this show! I didn't really have any expectations, but they blew me out of the water with the amazing comedic timing and witty writing. A very classic story with quite the twist :D Go see it if it's not on your list.

Company: Bittersweet Arts Co.
Show: Forsythian Dweller's Club
Venue: Rarig Center Xperimental

Funny, fast, synergy

This was a funny little show with plenty of jokes and a bit of an outrageous concept that is jolting at time (in a good way). There were some lines I wasn't able to catch though with how fast they were talking at certain points.

Company: Reliquaries
Show: And What You Find There
Venue: Ritz Theater Studio

So cute

Such a lovely show. I want to be friends with all three of the leading ladies after this show. A great amount of quirk while not straying too far so that you can't understand anymore. This show had me smiling the whole time :)

Company: Hit the Lights! Theater Co.
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

So much anticipation

And they (mostly) lived up to my own created hype of this show. After seeing dungeon I fell in love with this group. They definitely did not disappoint. I learned some things, laughed, got angry, saw some neat tricks, heard some great music, etc. The energy in the room was infections right off the bat! Grab a drink and have a good time! (I knocked a half star bc I really wish there had been some more shadow puppetry and maybe a little less of some of the add ons.) Keep coming back to MN HTL!

Company: Michael Rogers
Show: Now We See It
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage


Go see this. It is thought provoking and full of raw emotion. The staging was so neat, and I truly think there are different interpretations that can be made of this show. Definitely a thinker :D

Company: Backyard to Broadway Productions
Show: Right, Wrong or Bomb! A Dating Musical
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

Familiar, but great

Funny lyrics, witty acting, great voices, awesome keyboardist. However, I'd say it seemed very familiar (lots of app based shows) and lacked a little originality. There were definitely some great comedic gold scenes though! #firstdates

Company: Mermaid Productions
Show: Have You Seen This Girl?
Venue: Hard Times Cafe

Nice stroll

It was a nice stroll along West Bank with Ariel. She tried to keep the audience engaged even just while walking (not an easy task), and all of the actors really lended different and complex viewpoints to the search. It was truly an exploration into a side of west bank I didn't even really know was there.

Company: GIRL Theatre
Show: Gay Hot American Summer
Venue: Rarig Center Arena


It's was all right. I went in with high hopes after loving broad sex in the twin cities. I was a little disappointed in the slightly messy blocking/transitions and less cohesive story. I did love all the acting and there were definitely some great jokes and moments throughout. Would def still see future GIRL production shows :D

Company: Blinking Eye Theatre
Show: Swipe Right
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage

Keep producing!

Definitely one of my favorites this year. Loved how they kept the "app talk" alive throughout the whole show! If you've ever used a dating app, you will be constantly laughing.

Company: Weggel-Reed Productions
Show: Couple Fight: The Musical!
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Another year, another grand slam, with music!

I love the musical format and the fact that they allowed the couple's to use music as they wanted (ie. Traditional Broadway vs Bollywood) . Loved all the fights this year!!!!

Company: Erin Sheppard Presents
Show: Book of Shadows
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Not my favorite, but it was good

I always make a point to see Erin's shows in Fringe, however this year it wasn't as good as in the past. A few dances definitely shine brighter than ithers and it was distracting that the lead was reading her lines. The story was cute, and I did enjoy it though.

Company: Clevername Theatre
Show: THE NEWS: A Musical
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

Overshadowed Talent

The talent in this show was amazing. That was about all that was good about it though. The live music was distracting and too loud to the point where I couldn't understand the words of most of the songs. The transitions were very distracting as there was no real transition lighting, so it was hard to separate it from the actual play at times. Unfortunately, this show was just a complete miss. I really wanted to like this musical because the talent was actually really great, but the distractions were too hard to get past.

Company: Paper Soul
Show: SOFT
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage


Soft was an okay show. I liked the idea behind it, but it didn't give you the sense of dread they were going for. The "shocks" were all easily seen in advance if you just paid attention. The lead and the "voice" were really great actors, but with the way it was staged and the weak script, I just wasn't a fan.

Company: Fearnot Dance
Show: Stark Dance: Politics Religion Sex
Venue: Ritz Theater Mainstage

Cool, thought provoking dances!

This show was three really great dance numbers. However, I was pretty disappointed that even with a 10 minute hold on the house, the show was still short the hour mark, arriving at 40 something minutes (meaning without the hold this would be way too short of a show). Add one more dance number and it would be perfect. Best part: the light effects in one of the dances were so cool and really fulfilled the point of the dance! It did make me want to see the full show though!

Company: Concrete Drops
Show: Inescapable
Venue: Augsburg Mainstage

Give it a chance

I'm going to be honest and say I was about to walk out after the first 15 minutes. About 20 minutes in, I got hooked an really was working to figure out the whole thing. This is an intriguing show, but the beginning was hard to wrap my head around.

Company: The Bearded Company
Show: Swords & Sorcery: The Improvised Fantasy Campaign
Venue: Theatre in the Round

Improv at It's finest

I am seriously in love with this show. I saw them last year for the climax of the story and it was amazing. The story continues and I really wish I could fit every show of their's in. The actors have such great chemistry on stage and every time the die rolls, there's definite anticipation of what will happen. MUST SEE SHOW.

Company: Ghoulish Delights, LLC
Show: The Screaming Skull
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust


The story was well told, and the effects were cool. The sound effects were sometimes distracting from the story due to volume. However, there were some parts that if you closed your eyes, you could really imagine being right where the character is. Great job memorizing so many lines and staying in character the whole time! It was just spooky enough :)

Company: Sheep Theater
Show: Kaboom
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust


Hilarious show! Acting was awesome, and a lot of the jokes landed. Some of the lines got muffled by laughter as no time was built in to wait for laughs and in general I'd like the same show but a little slower paced.

Company: Literally Entertainment
Show: The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist or, Ocean's 'Eh'T?: A Musical
Venue: Mixed Blood Theatre

I just love these guys

Literally Entertainment has had some of my favorite Fringe shows of all time and they don't disappoint here! The music was catchy and well enunciated. The casts Joy of performing and ability to have fun was infectious.Keep on keeping on and I look forward to many more productions :D #RemountOregonTrail

Company: Albino Squirrel Productions
Show: Doug Sees God: A Funnie Thing Happened on the Way to Adulthood
Venue: Rarig Center Thrust

Great concept

I love the concept of this show and the cameos from other character. I feel like there may have been some opening night minor mishaps like slow transitions and a couple fumbled lines, but I still enjoyed the show :)

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